UQ students protest fossil fuel divestment +more Zedlines

Ten students are protesting at the Chancellor’s office of the University of Queensland, the student-run group Fossil Free UQ are protesting for UQ to vote on fossil fuel divestment. (Image credit: Fossil Free UQ)

Seven of the 22 members of the senate for UQ have conflicting interests in the fossil fuel industry, having ties with fossil fuel companies previously or currently.

The group have promised not to leave the office until UQ agree to vote at the senate meeting on Thursday the 12th of October.

Proposed major developments for South Bank Parklands include further West End renewals  

A proposed 25 year outlook for the South Bank Parklands from Business South Bank will, if approved, add new parklands and cultural facilities.

The plan proposes an Indigenous museum for Brisbane, a science centre and an additional 5 hectares of parklands on old industrial sites at West End, talks of these developments have been ongoing since 1985.

There has previously been sustained community opposition against developments on historic West End industrial sites out of fears projects such as the $800 million West Village proposal from 2016 are too intensive for the region.

Coal mine expansion set for NSW

New laws bypassing a court decision stopping the expansion of Springvale coalmine near Lithgow will hold the operation to strict environmental conditions.

Energy Minister Don Harwin says the new laws will allow the mine to continue supplying the Mount Piper power station, putting downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices and avoiding possible blackouts.

In August the NSW Supreme Court upheld non-profit group 4Nature's appeal against the extension of Centennial Coal's Springvale mine which would have prolonged its operation by 13 years.

Schools urged by guardians to teach more social skills

A survey of more than 1800 parents, grandparents and guardians found more than two thirds believe schools should do more to teach their child about social skills.

Cyber security and sexuality were two topics parents wanted their children to learn about at school.

ASG chief executive John Velegrinis said the report confirmed parents wanted teachers to play a greater role developing their children's life skills.

Wildfires ravage Californian Wine Country

10 people have died from Wildfires in California, with deaths in Sonoma, Mendocino and Napa County, which is one of America’s largest wine regions, putting vineyards at threat.  

Fires ignited on Sunday night US time from dry conditions, and have led to the destruction of 1,500 structures and 57,000 acres burned in eight counties.

Wildfires have affected more than just the Northern California, with a fire in Anaheim spreading through 4,000 acres, burning at least 6 buildings.

Thailand Junta backflips on promise

Coup leader and Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has clarified in a joint statement he made with US President Donald Trump that there will be no Thai election next year.

In a statement upon arriving back in Thailand the Prime Minister Prayut says the election date will be announced late next year, and not held next year as discussed in the meeting with the US President.

This comes after line of broken promises, with Prayut promising elections by the end of 2015 and 2017, the coup occurred in 2014.