FNQ residents ‘big fans’ of the big fans

Trucks carrying wind turbine blades have been seen making their way through the towns of Far North Queensland, as a part of the Mount Emerald wind farm (Image: Wikimedia).

Each turbine blade is 57 metres long and have been on a long journey from the United States, where they were made.

Most residents are happy to see the windmills arrive, and are looking forward to having a source of clean energy in the north; but they may have to wait a while yet, as the windmills will be arriving piece by piece, right up until April next year.

Film screening for International Day of the Girl
To celebrate International Day of the Girl, two short films will be screened at South Bank this afternoon, at the ABC studios.

The films are Annedroids and Girls Change the World; they’ll be followed by a panel discussion from cast and crew members from one of the films.

Screenings will begin at 4PM and the free event will run through until 6PM.

‘Foreign’ beers brewed in Australia and need to be labelled clearer
Many beers labelled ‘foreign’ are actually brewed in Australia, and consumers are calling for clearer labels dictating so.

Beer breweries are linking their drinks to other countries such as Stella Artois with a label reading “Anno 1366”, which means little when brewed and bottled in our backyard.

Boxes can be misleading, such as Asahi - “Japan’s no.1 Beer”, only after opening the box consumers see fine print reading “imported by Thailand”.

Australian consumer law involves several provisions that should stop confusion and misleading branding, but in this case have failed to do so.

Union loses battle to keep penalty rates for workers
Unions have lost their case to overturn the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut penalty rates for hospitality, retail and fast-food workers.

The Federal Court said the commission met legal obligations when it cut its Sunday and Public holiday penalty rates for full-time and part-time workers in February.

In a three-day hearing last month the unions argued the commission had failed to consider how cutting penalty rates would affect low paid employees.

Kenyan Opposition Leader pulls out of election re-run
With only two weeks until the re-running of the national elections in Kenya, opposition leader Raila Odinga has withdrawn from the race amid concerns of credibility.

The Supreme Court of Kenya annulled the previous vote, cast last month, due to the discovery of irregularities.

Current leader, Uruhu Kenyatta, and his Vice President, William Ruto, still intend to stand for the second election, but without an opposition, they are calling on the Supreme Court to automatically give Mr Kenyatta another term.

Large asteroid passing earth this week
An asteroid the size of a house is set to pass earth later this week, however experts say 2014 TC4 will pose no threat to our planet.

Mike Kelley, who works at NASA to spot and track the asteroid says after tracking it for two months, he has very accurate position information on its path - at an altitude of 44,000 kilometres, it will fly approximately 8,000 kilometres above hundreds of satellites.

The space rock is likely to return in the year 2050 and 2079.

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