International Day of the Girl: all of our Zedlines

Today, October the 11th, is international Day of the Girl. Declared by the United Nations, the yearly celebration started in 2012 to support more opportunity for girls and to raise gender inequality awareness worldwide surrounding education, work, rights, medical care and violence against women.

Film screening for International Day of the Girl
To celebrate International Day of the Girl, two short films will be screened at South Bank this afternoon, at the ABC studios.

The films are Annedroids and Girls Change the World; they’ll be followed by a panel discussion from cast and crew members of the films.

Screenings will begin at 4PM and the free event will run through until 6PM.

Survey shows what today's girls are thinking

Released in time for International day of the Girl, a national online survey conducted by Essential Research including just under two-thousand girls aged between 10 and 17, has found 98 percent believe they are treated adversely compared to boys.

This view surrounds all environments in girls lives - home, school, popular culture, sport and media.

When asked how to fix the problem the girls had very simple solutions, “To be taken more seriously", "To be treated equally" and "Wish we didn't get judged by what we look like or what we're wearing!" .

#GirlsTakeover for a day in top jobs

For International Day of the Girl, over 600 leadership roles in 60 countries will be taken over by girls in a campaign organised by humanitarian organisation, PLAN International.

As a part of #GirlsTakeover, girls will become mayors, head teachers, business leaders, politicians and take on other high-profile roles for a day, in order to make a statement on the power of young women.

The purpose of the campaign is to call for a social and political revolution, and to tear down barriers which are continually holding girls back in the world.

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