Manus Island refugees asked to move to Nauru

Refugees residing on Manus Island are being offered transfers to Nauru while they wait to find out whether they will be resettled in the United States. (Image: Greens MPs)

Posters were placed around Manus Camp yesterday asking for volunteers to move to Nauru.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the closure of the Manus Island detention centre, meant the government was looking for alternatives for detainees.

3 million scanned, 125 people barred
I-D scanners in Queensland pubs and clubs have ticked over the 3 million mark this month, averaging one million patrons for every month they have been in operation.

Aimed at reducing alcohol fuelled violence, the machines have so far caught 125 people trying to enter venues while on banning orders.

The success of the machines is subjective, it seems. The Queensland Government is hailing it as a success in curbing violence, but the LNP intends to make a motion of changing current laws, citing concerns for businesses.

Taxpayers footing $12 million rail-bus bill
Rail replacement buses are a common problem for Brisbane commuters on weekends, and while they may have been fare-free, it is taxpayers who are footing the bill for them.

Over the past year, rail replacement buses and taxis have cost Queensland Rail more than $12,030,000 - this sum includes replacement buses for both planned track maintenance and unexpected events.

While some of the cost has been attributed to the effects of Cyclone Debbie earlier in the year, much of the expense is from weekend-long track closures for maintenance, and unexpected signal faults or boom-gate strikes.

Girls perceptions on themselves: International Day of the Girl
Released in time for International day of the Girl, a national online survey conducted by Essential Research including just under two-thousand girls aged between 10 and 17, has found 98% believe they are treated adversely compared to boys.

This view surrounds all environments in girls lives - home, school, popular culture, sport and media.

When asked how to fix the problem the girls had very simple solutions, “To be taken more seriously", "To be treated equally" and "Wish we didn't get judged by what we look like or what we're wearing!"

Firefighters Battling California Blaze
More firefighters and police authorities are heading to northern California to contain wildfires which have killed at least 15 people, including a 100-year-old man and his 98-year-old wife after they were trapped in their burning home.

Police authorities are hoping cooler weather and lighter winds will help control the fires, which is the deadliest fire in Californian history.

A spokesman of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Brad Alexander said the weather was helping them, however it doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

At least 100 people have been injured and 2,000 homes and business destroyed, but authorities have said these figures will increase within the coming days.

Archaeologists find 32,000-year-old stone revealing invasion of 'mysterious sea people'
Researchers have translated ancient symbols found on a 3,200-year-old slab in an attempt to solve one of the greatest puzzles of Mediterranean archaeology.

The 29-metre limestone, is the longest known hieroglyphic inscription from the Bronze Age and can only be read by a handful of scholars worldwide.

The first translation has provided an explanation for the sudden collapse of the Bronze Age’s powerful and advances civilizations.

The inscriptions suggest a fleet of Kingdoms from Western Asia Minor raided coastal cities on the eastern Mediterranean, which historians believed played a part in the collapse of the Bronze Age Civilisations.