Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry and more Zedlines....

Recent research conducted by the Greens reveal that there is a large amount of firearms privately owned by individuals across Australia. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Detailed data collected from New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia shows individuals owning hundreds of guns in suburban Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide.

According to the Greens this gun ownership research reveals the critical need for a national firearms registry.

Greens Senator and Gun Control Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon states that by looking at these numbers there clearly is a problem with Australia’s gun laws.


More than 90,000 Honda owners driving with faulty airbags

More than ninety thousand honda vehicle owners are driving with faulty airbags, responsible for eighteen deaths worldwide.

Car owners have ignored up to eight recall notices which could be a deadly decision.

Director of Honda Australia Stephen Collins is urging customers to check if their vehicle is subject to the recall.


Brisbane apartment oversupply

An inner Brisbane unit glut has seen prices slump to their lowest in three years with a recovery not expected for at least twelve months.

Domain's chief economist Dr Andrew Wilson said the supply of apartments in suburbs such as Brisbane's West End had well and truly outstripped demand.

Dr Wilson said it would likely be twelve months until the glut of empty units started to fill and prices increased again.


Tradies at Risk of Lung Cancer

Tradesmen and DIY home renovators could be at risk of getting lung cancer due to overexposure of silica dust on job sites.

According to the Cancer Council Australia, over two hundred and thirty lung cancers cases each year are caused by exposure to silica dust.

Cancer Council Australia occupation and environmental cancer risk committee chairman Terry Slevin said tradespeople need to start using personal respiratory devices and proper ventilation to protect themselves.


U.K Government implements new policy for Grenfell Tower immigrant survivors

Grenfell Tower immigrant survivors will be granted permanent residency in the United Kingdom if they do not commit any offences over the next five years.

Approximately two hundred and fifty of the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire are illegal immigrants and initially the government stated these survivors could only remain in the U.K for twelve more months.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said this new policy will allow survivors greater certainty over their long-term future in the U.K.


Marital sex with underage wives becomes illegal in India

India has criminalised the act of marital sex with a wife between the ages of fifteen and eighteen.

The law will come into effect only for future marriages and will not change circumstances of already married couples.

Women's’ rights activists in the country hailed the ruling as a positive step in the right direction and a possible deterrent for child marriages.