Indigenous Author facing racial abuse from NSW students

Australian authors and poets are jumping to the defence of an award-winning Indigenous writer, following online abuse by year 12 students.

Ellen van Neerven’s poem Mango, from the book Comfort Food, was a featured task in New South Wales recent HSC exam, with year 12 students required to “explain how the poet conveys the delight of discovery”.

However with many students unhappy with the question took to social media, creating memes and expressing their frustrations towards the author, with many comments descending into racist and vulgar abuse.

Many have also criticised New South Wales Education Standards AUthority for what they say is a poorly worded question.

Hanson fires shots at Nicholls
One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has fired shots at opposition leader Tim Nicholls calling him “arrogant and rude.”, while her party has been currently looking for a candidate to contest Mr Nicholls’ inner-Brisbane seat of Clayfield.

Mr Nicholls has mentioned his surprise at Ms Hanson was taking that nasty line.

Current LNP frontbencher Scott Emerson played down the calls from Ms Hanson, saying there was "no love lost" between the two parties.

Queensland’s poorest postcode living on $400 a week

People in the town of Muttaburra are currently living and enjoying life on just over $400 a week.

Situated north of Longreach in central-west Queensland, Muttaburra is listed in the top 10 poorest postcodes in the nation.

According to the locals, the town’s earning power is low due to a large number of pensioners, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the town is poor.

Some residents even claim that they can make ends meet on just about $100 per week, and you can stay there quite easily if you use your head.

Not enough help for Arthritis sufferers
A new report shows rheumatology nurses are almost impossible to access for the thousands of Australians living with arthritis.

23 percent of Australians suffering from severe and inflammatory arthritis have the ability to see or have seen a rheumatology nurse as part of their care.

The report by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association found there is only one rheumatology nurse for every 45,000 sufferers in Australia.

Truck Bomb kills more than 200
Almost 240 people have been killed and at least 300 seriously injured following a truck bomb attack in the Somali capital.

The militant group, al-Shabaab is being blamed for what is one of the most lethal terrorist acts anywhere in the world for many years, with the death toll expected to rise as the day goes on.

The truck was packed with several hundred kilograms of military-grade and homemade explosives and was about to be inspected by a checkpoint when it suddenly accelerated crashing through a barrier exploding near a fuel tanker.

Jakarta Inauguration
Former education minister Anies Baswedan is now Jakarta’s new sworn in Muslim governor.

Mr Baswedan was inducted on Monday following a divisive election campaign was marked by mass protests against his Christian opponent.

Academic and former education minister Mr Baswedan was inaugurated along with his running mate, businessman Sandiaga Uno.