Young Aussies are heading to Earth's southernmost continent and more Zedlines...

Six year five students from Perth have won a competition to name a new $1.9 billion icebreaker ship and will visit Antarctica next month under the Australian Antarctic Program. (Image source: Wikimedia)

Naming the ship ‘Nuyina’, it means “southern lights” in Palawa Kani - the language of Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

One of the winning students Tanika Van Schel-ven said the group wanted to name the ship something that continued the tradition of naming Australia’s Antarctic ships after southern lights.

The Sunshine State will continue to not shine

Queensland’s wet weather forecast is expected to continue, with areas north of Hervey Bay copping the worst of the rainfall.

One life has already been claimed on Tuesday, when the body of a 67-year-old man was found in a submerged car near Gympie.

Brisbane showers are easing this morning, but it’s likely to drizzle through to tomorrow.

Brisbane City Council left defending technology company

Yesterday opposition leader Peter Cumming called on the Brisbane City Council to explain why they entered an agreement with Brisbane technology company Sniip.

The company promises to supply a new way of paying a rates bill without tenders being called, instead customers scan a QR code.

Documents obtained by the opposition allege senior council officers advised against adopting the app, stating the project has “little value”.

Small town in Australia aims to be energy independent

The northern New South Wales town of Tyalgum intends to be Australia’s first town to completely drop out of the national electricity grid.

Made up of 300 people, the town has been working towards using power solely from renewable sources.

Businessman Andrew Price launched the Tyalgum Energy Project three years ago, and hopes the bulk of the community’s energy will be generated by rooftop solar panels.

Spain's top court rules Catalonian referendum illegal

Spain’s top court has ruled out the decision to make Catalonia an independent referendum after finding it was illegal to make this decision due to a regional law which goes against the country’s constitution.

The Catalan regional parliament developed the “self-determination referendum law” in september after on October 1 regional leaders held a referendum to see whether the region should be separate from Spain.

The poll revealed an affirmative response and Catalonia was declared independent .

But in its ruling on Tuesday, the court said the law went against national sovereignty and had breached the country’s constitution.

Federal judge blocks Trump's latest travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii has denied President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban one day after it was meant to take affect.

Judge Derrick Watson said the travel ban sought to discriminate individuals purely based on their nationality and the executive order failed to provide sufficient evidence that the entry of more than 150 million nationals from six specified countries would have a detrimental effect on the United States.

The new restrictions which were meant to take place on Wednesday cover eight countries including -- Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.