Medical Practitioners Concerned Over Rise in “Botched Procedures” and more Zedlines...

Surgeons are urging for tougher regulations as reports have shown there has been an increase in botched procedures in day clinics. (Image Source: Max Pixel)

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons said there needs to be better monitoring of patients post-procedure, mandatory registration and training for staff and regular assessments of clinics by authorities.

ANZCA President Professor David Scott said the increase of procedures performed in unregulated environments by unqualified  people has resulted in patients being severely harmed and even killed, as shown in August this year where Jean Huang died while undergoing breast surgery.


Goodwill Bridge's slippery issue fixed

More than twenty-thousand dollars has been spent upgrading the Goodwill Bridge for the second time after the first surface left cyclists skidding on its pathway.

Cyclists had called for an urgent review of the recently re-opened bridge after they lost traction on the blue surface when it was wet.

Public Works Minister Mick De Brenni asked the department to rectify the slippery issue as soon as possible.


Senior SEQ public servant resigns after accessing inappropriate websites

One of Queensland's senior public servants has resigned after he accessed "prohibited" websites at work.

Seqwater’s latest chief executive Jim Pruss resigned after it was discovered he was had accessed “inappropriate websites” at work.

Another staff member has also resigned and a "handful" of other Seqwater employees are being counselled after an information technology audit detected the breaches.


Labor Party Blocks Mandatory Imprisonment for Child Sex Offenders

The Labor Party is under scrutiny for their recent decision in blocking compulsory jail time for child sex offenders.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the Labor government is putting paedophiles on the streets and putting children across Australia at risk.

Labor’s Justice spokeswoman Clare O’Neil said allowing “mandatory minimums” will stop criminals co-operating with police for information on other criminals and decrease the likelihood of juries convicting offenders as there is no discretion in the sentence.


Somalis angry over government's failure to prevent deadly blast

Police in Somalia have opened fire on a crowd of people protesting against those behind a massive bomb attack in the capital Mogadishu.

More than three hundred people were killed in two bombings on Saturday and hundreds of others injured.

People are also angry at the government for not doing enough to protect them.


Palestinian media companies closed down by Israeli Army

Palestinian Authorities have criticised the Israeli army after it closed several Palestinian media companies in the occupied West Bank in a wave of raids overnight.

The Israeli military authority in the occupied territories say in a statement that they raided eight Palestinian companies, accusing them of inciting violence against Israel.

The raids came a week after Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah reached a deal to heal their decade-long rift and form a unity government.