Quebec Introduces Face Veil Ban and more Zedlines...

One of the thirteen provinces in Canada, Quebec, has introduced a new law which enforces citizens to remove any form of facial coverings in order to give or receive public services. (Source image: Wikimedia Commons)

The face veil ban applies for all citizens working in provincial and municipal services including hospitals, schools, daycare and public transport services; and all citizens receiving public services, including public transportation.

Board member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Shaheen Ashraf, said this new law marginalises Muslim women by limiting their access to government work and services.

Bar owners seek appeal for strict ID scanning laws

The owners of the Caxton Hotel plan to appeal the latest decision by the Office of Liquor and Gambling Regulation in an attempt to extend the venues ID scanning obligations from 10pm to 11pm or midnight.

This comes after venue owners made an application to extend their obligations and OLGR rejecting the application this Wednesday.

A spokesperson from the Office of Liquor and Gambling Regulation says there was no evidence of any significant public safety concerns arising from previous games held at Suncorp Stadium, which could not be mitigated by the closure of Caxton Street.

Peter Beattie confident M1 will cope with Commonwealth Games

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Chairman and former Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie is confident the M1 Motorway will be able to cope with the extra traffic during the Commonwealth Games.

This comes after a Department of Transport and Main Roads, M1 management plan warning the Queensland Government the M1 motorway will be a pose a very high crash risk for motorist during the games.

Mr Beattie says that report comes from 2016 and was used to help develop a traffic management plan for the Games.

Crops destroyed, estimated to be in the millions range

Farmers in Queensland are saying that they have lost millions of dollars worth of crops in the second heavy rainfall event in as many weeks.

This is due to the hundreds of millimetres that fell in the past week in the Wide Bay Burnett region, just two weeks after the area had the wettest October day on record.

Grain Grower Wayne Smith said farms around Monto in the North Burnett region have been inundated.

Tasmania Could Be Introducing New Revenge Porn Law

The Labor Party has proposed a new bill in Tasmania which will address the misuse of online private images and give victims of revenge porn more protection.

Labor MP Madeleine Ogilvie said if this bill passes it will give victims of online harassment and revenge porn new rights including the ability to enforce “take-down orders” to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Tasmanian Parliament will be debating the proposal bill later this year.

New study finds flying insect species to be declining quicker than expected

A new study has revealed the abundance of flying insects have plunged by three-quarters over the past twenty-five years.

The new data gathered in nature reserves across Germany have shocked scientists, with researchers saying this has implications for all landscapes dominated by agriculture.

The cause of the huge decline is as yet unclear, but the destruction of wild areas and widespread use of pesticides are said to be the most likely factors, with climate change also possibly playing a role.