Pilot project could see recycled tires turned into roads and more zedlines...

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have been working on a pilot project that could see old tires being turned into permeable road surfaces.

Permeable pavements made from recycled tires is already a popular paving option, and is flexible, resilient, and reduce stormwater runoff and the subsequent waterway pollution.

While previously, permeable pavement was not able to be used for roads due to its inability to support heavy loads, researchers have developed a combination of tire particles, rock aggregates and binder that could support cars, trucks and buses.

The innovation, which is currently being trialled at the University of Melbourne campus, could reduce the 51 million used tires that are discarded in Australia every year, and their environmental and health problems.

Hydro-energy project looks like a promising energy source

The largest hydro-energy storage project in Australia is looking more and more promising as a future reliable energy source for Queensland.

Genex Power have tweaked the design of their hydro plant to cut construction costs and time, and increase storage capacity to eight hours of 2000 megawatt per hour of continuous generation.

Construction is set to begin next year and Michael Addison, Genex Power managing director, says the plant is currently the most advanced, lowest-cost large-scale energy storage project in the country.

$40 Million live music venue coming to Brisbane

A new $40 million live music venue is set to be constructed in Brisbane’s inner-city district in an attempt to fill a hole let by the closure of Festival Hall in 2003.

Secret Sounds Group member, Paul Piticco, and owner of the Triffid and ex-Powderfinger member, John Collins, purchased the venue at 312 Brunswick Street want to provide a state-of-the-art music venue for around 3300 people.

Scott Hutchinson, from Hutchinson Builders, is excited to be leading the project and claims he has been looking for a replacement venue for Festival Hall ever since its initial closure.

Environmental groups say new AAA campaign is a delaying tactic

The Australian Automobile Association will release the results from emissions and fuel consumption tests conducted on 30 vehicles, to show the discrepancies between official fuel consumption tests and real-world results.

The AAA is launching a campaign against the current system of emissions testing, arguing that it is misleading to consumers and regulators.

However, environmental groups say that the campaign is a tactic to delay the introduction of tighter industry emissions standards.

Under the strongest target proposed by the government in an attempt to meet Australia’s Paris commitments, new cars would have to cut their CO2 emissions by 45 per cent from their current levels by 2025.

Mogadishu blast labelled the country's deadliest 

Just over a week after a car bomb killed more than 350 people in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, another explosion has claimed the lives of 11 people.

A roadside explosion impacted with a minibus southwest of Mogadishu on Sunday, with most of the victims being farmers.

A man who witnessed the bombing saw a military vehicle drive past the attack point and believes the soldiers may have been the target of the attack.

Since the beginning of the year over 20 explosions have targeted Mogadishu, killing more than 500 people and injuring 630.

Nigerian man was sentenced to jail because of his sexuaity

A 23 year old man in Nigeria has spent just over one month in jail because of his sexuality, with police arresting men and boys, as young as 13.

Currently in Nigeria, 91 per cent of people believe homosexuality should be criminalised, with the former president in 2014 signing a bill which proscribed penalties of 14 years jail for same sex marriage and 10 years for same-sex amorous relationships.

LGBT and Women’s rights activist Dorothy Aken ‘Ova says any time the religious police catch wind of any gathering of gay men and women, they’ll arrive and arrest and torture them.

Gay sex has been outlawed in Nigeria since the time of British rule, however the LGBTI community is experiencing the worst backlash than ever before.