A breast cancer test could be ready in 5 years and more Zedlines...

A test to determine the likelihood of breast cancer could be available to the public within the next five years.

Research co-led by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research found 72 previously unknown genetic markers linked to the type of cancer.

Researchers don’t know why the markers are present but have found them common in breast cancer patients.

Women with a strong family history of breast cancer could access the test to determine whether they need to consider early scans or surgery.


Queensland Kindergarten shut down following confronting safety investigation

A Townsville kindergarten has been shut down following reports of child abuse on special needs children, as well as countless safety breaches.

A review of Busy Kids Kindergarten found unsafe play equipment, improper first aid equipment, and a lack of teachers among other issues.

The kindergarten will remain shut down for 3 months before further appeals to reopen.


Bushfire report shows climate change to blame for increased threat

Climate Council reports have found climate change is the cause for increasingly dangerous bushfire seasons across the country, especially in New South Wales.

The report has also shown bushfire costs in NSW are set to double by mid-century, with costs expected to surpass $100 million per year when factoring in climate change.

Climate Council CEO, Amanda McKenzie has the Federal Government’s dumping of the Clean Energy plan, places Australia at risk of worsening pollution level and more intense bushfires and heatwaves.


SA councils could be banned from changing date of Australia day

South Australian Councils would be banned from changing the date of Australia day if the state's liberal party emerges victorious from the state election in March.

Opposition leader Steve Marshall, who is the spokesperson for Aboriginal affairs says he loves Australia Day and wanted to ensure the date stays the same.

The city of Marion had considered changing the date it used to celebrate Australia Day but decided against it earlier this month.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe claims victory at election

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has claimed election victory, the election returned his party to a decisive victory.

Prime Minister Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and a small coalition partner have secured 312 of 465 seats in the lower house, passing the 310 seats needed for a majority.

The victory increases the likelihood he will win the party election next September and extends his leadership to 2021, Prime Minister Abe campaigned on his long-term goal of revising Japan's pacifist constitution.


Turkish and EU tensions continue to heighten

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, says Turkey’s full membership of the EU is a cure for its chronic problems.

Talks between the EU and turkey began in 1987 when Turkey applied to join the EU bloc, and talks of joining officially starting in 2005, with negotiations stalling in the past few years.

The comments by the President come at the height of recent tensions between the EU and Turkey, after Turkish accusations of the EU supporting terrorism and German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying the country should not join the EU.

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