Apartment prices forecast to fall... and more zedlines

There might still be hope for young people who are looking to buy their first home. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

A new report from QBE shows apartment prices are forecast to drop by as much as 7 percent over the next three years.

Units make up half of all residential construction right now, and while their price is expected to drop, the cost of free-standing houses is predicted to rise by seven percent.

New Tourism venture sharing Indigenous stories

The Gangalidda-Garawa people, of North Queensland, have launched a stargazing tour to share astronomy and traditional stories with tourists.

On the salt plains north of Burketown, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, skies are clear and perfect for seeing the night sky.

This venture into the tourism industry is also helping tackle the jobs shortage, which is a major issue in rural Queensland.

New high-tech oyster hatchery opens in South Australia

The South-Australian oyster industry is finally receiving some relief from a statewide shortage, thanks to a new hatchery opening today.

Shellfish supply has been low for a while in South Australia, and up until now they have had to rely on baby oysters being imported from Tasmania.

The new Eyre Peninsula facility means the industry can grow independently and produce up to twice as much product as they need.

Australian Melon growers targeting exports at Japan

For the first time, Australian melon growers will be working together to take on the export market in Asia.

Exporting melons is not new, but this year, growers are working together to get the most for their quality produce in fruit-loving countries such as Japan.

Malaysia, the Maldives, Hong Kong, and South Korea are also on the list to receive more Australian melons.

Killer whale sends swimmers running out of water in New Zealand beach

A curious killer whale has sent a group of friends running out of Hahei Beach in New Zealand.

The swimmers were waist deep when they noticed three orcas swimming 50 metres offshore, and admired the encounter until one fin came too close for comfort.

One of the women who filmed the Orca encounter said it was a “once in a lifetime experience, which they will not be forgetting any time soon”.

Butter prices going up across the globe

An international spike in the price of butter means we will be paying a bit more for our baked goods.

The price of butter has gone up by 60% this year, and much of the rise is attributed to a combination of low payments to farmers for their milk, and the scaling back of butter production in many countries.

The trend is being seen worldwide, with European butter production down 5.5%, while Australian butter production is down 18% on last year.