Brisbane best for small business... and more zedlines

The latest report from survey company, Sensis, has shown Brisbane is the best city in Australia for small and medium businesses to thrive. (Image: Max Pixel)

Confidence in business has gone up 17 percentage points in the past quarter - the highest rise among capital cities.

As for regional areas in Queensland, small business confidence remains steady, which is still better than the rest of the country, where confidence is down.

Talks of extended trading during Commonwealth Games

People on the Gold Coast might not be sleeping while the Commonwealth Games are in town, because there are talk to extend trading hours for the city.

Minister for the Comm Games, Kate Jones, has given the green light for Mayor Tom Tate and the Gold Coast Tourism board to discuss the matter.

Retail areas and clubs look to be the likely focus at this stage, but the Minister says talking to residents on the coast is top priority.

University of Melbourne’s new exhibition

The University of Melbourne is launching a new exhibition today, showing what is possible in the area of sustainable urban design.

On show is the work done by international experts, who’ve created sustainable urban interventions for cities in the Netherlands.

It is hoped these innovations will be a starting point for other young designers at the University of Melbourne.

Victorian tradies the ‘richest in Australia’Kathmandu’s car horn ban a success six months on

A ban on using car horns in Kathmandu seemed ridiculous to many when it was introduced six months ago, but it’s resounding success has seen the ban introduced to new cities.

Nepali traffic police have been working to improve driver behaviour for a long time now, and they are now extending the ban to tourist hotspot, Pokhara

The police chief who introduced the horn ban says it was introduced because horn use was a symbol of being uncivilised, and they want to show the world how civilised the people of Kathmandu are.

Sled dog doping scandal

World champion sled dogs from Alaska have tested positive for a banned substance - this is the first doping scandal in sled dog racing since 1994.

According to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race governing board, four dogs were fed the opioid painkiller Tramadol.

The owner denies feeding opioids to his dogs, and claims their food may have been tampered with.