Plans for redevelopment of Keperra quarry... and more zedlines

Brisbane City Council has given the go-ahead for the re-development of a quarry in Keperra. (Image: Courier Mail)

A developer's proposal aims to transform the almost depleted granite quarry on Settlement Road into a site for housing.

Current plans show provision for 700 dwellings on the 49 hectare site, with work scheduled to commence in two years.

“No” poster saga in local member’s office

The wife of Coalition MP, Mark Robinson, has been caught putting up Vote No posters on the office windows of a rival Labor MP in the Redlands.

In what has become a convoluted saga, the Labor MP in question, Don Brown, has labelled the actions as childish.

Most of it played out over social media, with both parties eventually apologising late yesterday.

AWU going to Federal Court

The Australian Workers Union is going to Federal Court today; they’re challenging the validity of AFP warrants and the investigation which resulted in yesterday’s raid

AWU offices in both Melbourne and Sydney were raided as part of an investigation into donations made to activist group GetUp and to Labor party candidates.

At this stage the Turnbull government is denying allegations these raids were orchestrated, while Labor says they were an abuse of power.

Australian archaeologist makes discovery via Google Earth

An archaeologist from the University of Western Australia has discovered hundreds of ancient structures in Saudi Arabia by using Google Earth.

High resolution images provided by Google satellites have enabled Professor David Kennedy to find areas of land sectioned out by stone walls.

The walls themselves are only half a metre tall, but are as long as 500 metres; the purpose of them is still unknown.

Professor Kennedy has never visited Saudi Arabia, and says the discovery was purely by chance.

Chinese President Xi Jinping most powerful leader since Chairman Mao

The Chinese Communist Party has made an amendment in their constitution as the country’s twice-a-decade congress comes to a close.

The amendment is reported to include the ideologies of President Xi Jinping - specifically, his thoughts on “socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era”.

This action makes President Xi the most powerful leader in China since Chairman Mao.

New typhoid vaccine to reduce deaths in affected countries

A new Typhoid vaccine is being recommended by the World Health Organisation, and experts say it could have a huge impact.

The main difference of this new vaccine is it works best in children, who are at the highest risk of contracting the highly contagious bacteria.

Each year there are over 22 million cases of typhoid, resulting in 220,000 deaths - it is hoped the vaccine will reduce or even eliminate typhoid in some countries.