Australia heavily responsible for biodiversity loss and more Zedlines.

A study published today reveals Australia is among the top seven nations responsible for more than fifty percent of global biodiversity loss. (Imagery sourced Wikipedia)

Scientific findings are based on the worsening in conservation status of species between 1996 and 2008 on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature red list.

Of the 109 countries studied, Australia is ranked as the second worst offender with Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China and the United States (primarily Hawaii) also ranking.

Tweed Heads Host Social Inclusive Walk.

This Saturday Tweed Heads will be hosting an inaugural diversity walk to celebrate social inclusivity in the community.

Event organizer Claire Cottone says the purpose of the walk is to provide visibility and social inclusion for all people and celebrate each other’s different qualities.

The walk begins at 11:30am on Bay Street in Tweed Heads and will end at the Chris Cunningham Park for a community barbeque.

Brisbane to have new cruise terminal by late 2019.

Brisbane’s proposed new cruise terminal at the mouth of the Brisbane river gets the green light.

The new terminal, which will be capable of berthing the largest ships in the world by late 2019, will be built at Luggage Point and has been hailed as the "new frontier" for cruise ship tourism in Queensland by Treasurer Curtis Pitt.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Treasurer Curtis Pitt and Tourism Minister Kate Jones formally announced the Queensland government has now given the $158 million project approval to start.

Labor demands LNP Employment Minister resign.

Labor is demanding Employment Minister Michaelia Cash resign after she admitted one of her staffers tipped off the media about Tuesday's police raids on the Australian Workers' Union.

Senator Cash withdrew her previous comments about playing no role in alerting media about the raids after reports emerged her office had alerted journalists hours before the raids happened.

Senator Cash says her media adviser has now resigned from their position, due to acting without her knowledge or authorization on the matter.

No education for 260 million children in the world.

Over two hundred and sixty million children and youths across the world do not have access to education, according to a new report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

Recent reports have shown the combined population of Russia, Poland and Germany is equivalent to the number of children aged between six and seventeen that do not have access to education.

Director-general of UNESCO Irina Bokova says education is a shared responsibility for all nations and governments are the primary duty bearers for children’s right to education.

Eight dead in coca plant clashes in Columbia.

At least eight people have died in violent clashes over destroying coca crops in Columbia.

The Colombian government is trying to cease production of coca, the base ingredient for cocaine by employing hundreds of people and police officers to help destroy booming crops.

Drug traffickers oppose the initiative, laying landmines in the fields in attempts to deter people from destroying the plant.