Grandmothers' vigil calls for justice for kids and more Zedlines...

A vigil on the council lawns of Alice Springs last Friday night has called for "kids in country not in custody", asking for justice for Indigenous children.

The Grandmothers Group, Rosalie Kunoth Monks OAM and Traditional Owners for Mparntwe spoke as 40 people gathered to remember children still locked inside Don Dale and youth prisons nationwide as well as the recent targeted attacks on children in Alice Springs.

The vigil comes in the wake of racist vigilante attacks on Indigenous children in Alice Springs, and in the lead up to the handing down of the final report of the Royal Commission into Youth Detention and Child Protection in the Northern Territory on the 17th November.

The Grandmothers Group, in a statement to the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, called for government assistance to stop violence against youth and children on the streets and in detention, and to provide better schooling and opportunities across the board.

Next QLD government must save our Reef and Oceans

Environmental groups are urging on Queenslanders to help protect the Great Barrier Reef during the upcoming state election by demanding all major political parties make serious environmental commitments.

Australian Marine Conservation Society is calling on all parties to commit to no new coal mines or coal fired power stations and invest more funds into Reef catchment restoration projects.

AMCS director Imogen Zethoven says the future of the Reef is in the hands of the next Queensland government.

Already half of all the Reef’s shallow water corals have been bleached and killed by massive underwater heatwaves that occurred throughout 2016 and 2017 as a result of global warming.

Adani protesters who crashed election announcement vow to ramp up efforts to stop the mine

Adani protesters have vowed to ramp up efforts to stop the government’s 1 billion dollar loan to the mining giant during the upcoming Queensland election.

This comes after a representative from Stop Adani Brisbane stormed the stage yesterday as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the November 25th election.

Stop Adani Brisbane spokesperson Dr Moira Williams says voters are angry and prepared to do whatever it takes from stopping the mining project and its disastrous environmental repercussion from coming to fruition.

Government announces new $100m brain cancer fund

The Federal Government has announced a new 100 million dollar brain cancer fund with the aim of doubling patients’ survival rates within ten years.

With the last 30 years seeing no real progress in the treatment of brain cancer, the Federal Government along with various research foundations have promised to invest in more clinical trials and international research collaborations.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation CEO Michelle Stewart says this is more funding than brain cancer has ever received in Australia.

Brain cancer kills more people over 40 than than any other type of cancer in Australia.

Bangladesh authorities calling for voluntary sterilisation

Bangladesh family planning authorities are seeking government approval for plans to provide voluntary sterilisation for Rohingya refugees.

Pintu Kanti Bhattacharjee, a district head of family planning in Bangladesh, says many Rohingya have little knowledge of birth control, due to a lack of education in Myanmar, where they are denied access to most services.

According to Bhattacharjee, large families are common in Rohingya refugee camps, with some parents having up to 19 children.

However, the voluntary sterilisation may not be widely taken up by Rohingyas, some of whom believe contraception is against the tenets of Islam, or that pregnancy will protect them against rape and assault by the Myanmar military.

Iraq Kurdish leader steps down

Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani has announced he will step down as president after an independence referendum he supported backfired and triggered a regional crisis.

Mr Barzani who for nearly four decades campaigned for Kurdish self-determination, wrote a letter to Parliament to take measures to fill the resulting power vacuum.

Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence, but received little sympathy by neighbouring regions, with the Baghdad Government rejecting it as illegal.