PNG Army ready to take over Manus... and more Zedlines

The Papua New Guinea Army is preparing to take over the Manus Island detention centre, and it is still unclear how they will deal with the 600 men who have refused to leave. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

political blame game is occurring as a result, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the men are not Australia’s responsibility, while PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas says his country has no obligation to deal with them either.

As for the men, it seems they will be attempting to say put, and have collected drinking water in wheelie bins, because pipes have been cut and water tanks emptied.

Trawler survivor honours mates

Ruben McDornan, The sole survivor of the trawler which sunk near the town of 1770 has honoured his mates in a tribute.

The event in Cairns last night held several hundred people in memory of the six men lost at sea, four of which arel yet to be found.

On Monday police scaled back their search but continue to conduct daily water and shoreline patrols.

State High School uniform changed not liked by parents

A petition has been launched against Coolum State High School, after they announced changes to the uniform policy.

The petition in question is claiming the changes include no makeup or jewellery, long skirts for girls, and general uniform changes.

The school is yet to release exact details of the changes, however the petition claims students will need to wear formal uniforms everyday, excluding sport days.

Concerned parents are unimpressed with the school’s attempt to “be more like a private school”, and the petition has already gained 480 signatures, with 500 being their goal.

New coastal plan aims to protect waterways

The release of the New South Wales 10 year coastal plan for the marine environment has sparked a debate on whether further action should be put in place to protect a large stretch of the state’s coastline.

The Marine Estate Management Authority released a draft of its initiatives to improve the marine environment which includes, increasing measures to improve water quality, decrease litter and water pollution which has been identified as the biggest threat.

The initiative also includes sustainable fishing and aquaculture, which aims to generate $3.4 billion of the annual economic activity and gain 14,000 full-time jobs across coastal NSW.

Uluru climbing ban under consideration

An announcement is expected later today by the traditional owners on whether Uluru will implement a climbing ban.

The board of managers will work to permanently close the rock to climbers once the proportion of visitors doing so falls below 20%.

In the past the Traditional owners have asked people not to climb Uluru via a message at the bottom of the landmark.

Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead after earthquake

The aftermath of an earthquake was not going to stop people in Mexico from celebrating Day of the Dead.

In the town of Juchitan, which is famous for its Day of the Dead celebrations, townspeople are making the best of their situation, turning what remains of their homes into shrines to honour their passed relatives.

Compared to other years, celebrations were fairly modest in a town where the streets are usually lined with vendors, people, and brightly-coloured decorations.