Uluru climbs banned from 2019 and more Zedlines...

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board has enforced a ban on climbing Uluru, starting late 2019. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Senior traditional owner and chairman of the park board Sammy Wilson says the national park’s cultural significance has been disregarded and instead treated like a theme park.

The ban will begin on 26th October 2019, the same day as the 34th anniversary of the return of Uluru to traditional owners.

Townsville cracks down on youth crime

The Liberal National Party plan to enforce a 10pm curfew for children under the age of sixteen in Townsville and freeze centrelink payments for parents with children in detention centres.

If the LNP wins the election this November, the $1.3 million youth curfew strategy will be tested for six months as an attempt to decrease youth crime, break ins and vandalism.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls says if children are found breaking the curfew they will be taken by police to an emergency shelter run by a nurse and a counsellor until their parents pick them up.

LNP blocking release of details of political donation breaches

The Queensland Liberal National Party has tried to block the release of documents detailing breaches of political donation rules.

According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland’s Right to Information Officer, the information was due to be released in early October but was stalled because of 'objections made by relevant third parties'.

LNP state director Michael O'Dwyer had previously offered some explanation surrounding the party’s donation anomalies, but declined to provide a copy of the audit summary report.

Stephen Parry will resign from Parliament

Liberal senator Stephen Parry has confirmed he is a British citizen by virtue of his father’s birthplace and will be resigning from Parliament.

Fellow Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz says himself and colleagues are deeply saddened by the news, as Mr. Parry was an exceptional President of the Senate.

The senator will submit his resignation as a Tasmanian senator and Senate President tomorrow.

New York suffers through a terrorist attack

Eight people have been killed after a truck drove down a bicycle foot path near the World Trade Centre in New York City.

Among those killed were five Argentinian friends who had come to New York to celebrate their 30 year high school reunion.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the incident is a 'lone wolf attack' and there is no evidence to suggest it is part of a wider plot.

Indian power plant explodes; kills 18

A power plant in India has exploded, killing eighteen and injuring up to one hundred people.

Police believe the death toll could rise once the blades of the boiler are cut.

Top state police official Anand Kumar says authorities believe the 1,550 megawatt plant exploded due to ash piling up in the furnace beneath the boiler, causing a build of pressure and resulting in a explosion.