Uber and Taxi prices could increase if WA passes proposed reform and more zedlines...

Taxi and Uber prices will increase in Western Australia if the proposed industry reforms pass through parliament. Image from Núcleo Editorial

The reforms include a ten per cent levy on total fare revenue, which will raise $120 million over four years for a buy-back taxi plate scheme.

Transport Minister Rita Saffioti told APP the industry reform is necessary to reduce costs on operators, but customer fees would only increase if the companies decide to ‘pass on the costs.’

Groups rally to oppose Sunshine Coast development

Opponents of the proposed Sekisui House resort and residential development at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast have combined to ramp up community awareness of the project.

Residents' groups gathered at Point Arkwright to campaign against the proposal saying the project was completely out of step with the planning scheme and the community’s interest.

Sunshine Coast Environment Council campaigner Narelle McCarthy said the project is a “gross over-development of a sensitive, beachside location.”

Mature-age mothers going back to the professional world

Women often face a number of difficulties moving back to the working world after having a family.

A regional business community in Queensland is banding together to retrain, upskill and re-make mature-age women, to help them integrate into the professional workplace.

Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce’s initiative, the Inspiring Women to Work program, assists in mentoring and upskilling women in technology, social media, health and well-being, image and behaviour.

Chamber President Kris McCue says the wealth and experience of mature-age groups are often understated, as businesses view their skills as outdated, or unsuitable for the workplace.

Virtual reality simulates Kokoda campaign

A new 360-degree virtual reality program is bringing the history of Kokoda to life.

Torrens University partnered with the ABC to create the simulation, which will initially be used to share with high school students the stories of veterans who made the arduous trek.

If you step inside this virtual reality, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Kokoda Trail as it was in WW11 - soldiers, camps and all.

Executive producer Nathan Bazley said the team wanted to create an immersive, compelling experience which would inspire young people to understand what truly happened there.

Worldwide protests on centenary of Balfour Declaration
Protests have been held worldwide on the centenary of Britain's Balfour Declaration, which promised a homeland for Jewish people and facilitated the occupation of Palestine.

Palestinian media reports thousands gathered yesterday in Ramallah, the capital of Palestine’s occupied territories, where they marched towards the British cultural centre.

In a statement, President Mohammed Abbas called for an apology from Britain, along with recognition and compensation for Palestinian people.

Many in Ramallah regard the centenary as marking one hundred years of disposition, displacement and occupation.

Uganda welcomes millions of South Sudanese refugees

Uganda has received praise from the United Nations for welcoming more than 1 million refugees from South Sudan.

Everyday, hundreds of refugees from South Sudan gush across the border into neighbouring Uganda, coming down from the trucks that deliver them to Omugo.

The civilians have escaped from war and hunger in their homeland, in hopes of seeking safety and security in Uganda.

Relief Agency CARE Carlee Sheehan says a large number of people, and the government have been very welcoming to let people in, with the right to work and move wherever they like.