Thargomindah on the forefront of Australia’s electricity crisis and more Zedlines

While State and Federal politicians struggle to find a solution to Australia’s continuously rising power costs, a rural Queensland town is looking for its own solution. (Image Credit:Wikimedia)

Residents of Thargomindah experience frequent blackouts due to the town's location on the electricity grid, resulting in the town developing and relying on a geothermal power plant which works to flip the existing power formula.

With other rural towns pushing for more reliable electricity, the project is in the concept design stage with an expected operational date of early 2018.


Feral animals found to be bigger threat than climate change for Simpson Desert wildlife

As rainfall and wildlife patterns change, the threat of feral animals to the Simpson desert has surpassed climate change, according to research by the University of Sydney.

The pressure of pest species and climate change are intertwined as Dr Aaron Greenville explains, with feral wildlife becoming more common in the area as fires increase in the area from climate change.

Dr Alex Kutt who oversees Ethabuka has stated current control methods such as shooting and baiting are ineffective for the issue, with such a huge area.


Proposals to make Hobart the waste research capital of Australia

GreenCell chairman Ian Wright has called on leaders to agree to a proposed waste research center in Hobart.

Managing director of Recovery Tasmania, Brad Mashman, stated uniform waste policies would help reduce Australia’s landfill problem.

The research facility would operate under a similar structure to the CSIRO, with a focus on coordinating and implementing research focused on waste and reuse, especially plastics.


Robotics community call on PM for autonomous weapons ban

Over 122 robotics professionals have penned an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calling for a ban on autonomous weapons.

In the letter, scientists claim lethal autonomous weapons lacking meaningful human control sit on the wrong side of the moral line.

University of New South Wales professor, Toby Walsh, claims it is not the terminator style AI which is the worry, but smaller scale AI only a few years away from development.


High profile Saudi Prince arrested during purge

One of the world’s most wealthy men has been arrested during Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption purge.

With an estimated net worth of $17bn, he is one of Saudi’s most progressive and recognised faces in western media, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is known for backing the rights of Saudi women and publicly denouncing US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, is so far the highest profile arrest during the purge.


Saudi Arabia-Iran relations escalate following missile firing

Saudi Arabia has confronted Iran over a missile firing towards Riyadh by rebels in Yemen, labelling it an “act of war”.

A statement released by Saudi government earlier this week claims Iran are violating UN security policy by supplying firearms to Yemeni rebels.

This development follows Saudi Arabia offering tens of millions of dollars in reward, to those providing information leading to the arrest of 40 “leaders and elements” of the Yemeni rebel group behind the missile firing.