24-hour Manus Vigil Begins tonight... and more Zedlines

A 24 hour vigil and protest for refugees on Manus Island will begin outside of Peter Dutton’s electorate office in Strathpine tonight. (Image: Getup)

Protesters will remain camped in front of the Gympie Road site from 6pm today, until 6pm tomorrow.

Refugee Action Collective, organisers of the vigil, say it is time the minister and the government face up to their responsibilities as a part of the United Nations and its refugee conventions.

Want to get there? Peter Dutton's office is 350 meters from Strathpine train station, or a 40 minute drive from the CBD.

Severe storm hits Bundaberg

The worst non-cyclonic storm in a decade has hit Bundaberg and left the region without power overnight.

The energy supplier group Ergon is working to restore power to over 15,000 homes this morning after the storm.

The storm left over 27,000 properties without power late yesterday and came in with force, ripping roofs from properties and blowing sheds from their footings.

200 power lines were damaged, and Ergon is bringing in extra crew to assist.

Climbers unfurl banner over Melbourne Cup

Two Melbourne women abseiled off a crane at Flemington Racecourse yesterday, releasing a banner in protest of the detainment of refugees on Manus Island.

Crowds at the Melbourne Cup were able to read the banner with the message “SOS: Evacuate Manus Now”.

One of the protesters is a qualified arborist and the other a qualified rope access technician, who are also part of the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance.

They are calling on Malcolm Turnbull to have the men on Manus brought to Australia, and processed safely.

MPs consider early 2018 election

Some members of the federal government are contemplating an early election in the first half of next year as frustration grown surrounding the dual citizen saga.

South Australian Liberal MP Rowan Ramsay says locals are annoyed because "Instead of talking about important issues like energy supply, the government is talking about dual citizen status".

Conservatives, including those within the cabinet, have reported they are considering heading to the polls because the current situation is unpredictable.

Alternative facilities on Manus not ready

New images of alternative accommodation for refugees on Manus Island have been released by the immigration department.

In stark contrast to the safe and clean housing promised, the images show the camps are still construction sites, where sewage and water connections are incomplete.

Unfinished security fences around the complexes are also a concern for many refugees, who are choosing to stay at the now-closed Manus facility.

Amsterdam overrun with tourists

In a bid to stop overcrowding in one of the world's most popular cities, Amsterdam has cracked down on hotels, Airbnb, and tourist shops.

Last year alone an estimated 18 million visitors travelled to Amsterdam which has caused a heightened tension with locals who don't want their home turning into a tourist economy.

Property prices are increasing due to the high saturation of holiday accommodation, and locals are finding it hard to stay in the area.