Drug service angers residence

Residents of Perth suburb Subiaco are “concerned” and “afraid” after a local Ronald McDonald House lodging for sick kids was bought out by a drug rehabilitation service. Photo Source: Wiki Commons

The centre neighbours high schools and young families, who say they’ll have to move if they wish to protect their children.

The same drug service was forced to move from another residential area in Perth earlier this year due to resident complaints.

Fake car parts putting people at risk

Fake car parts, almost identical to genuine parts, have been found in the Australian market.

Toyota and Hyundai uncovered the fakes, costing motorists thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Following Federal court action, distributors have agreed to contact customers and replace counterfeit parts.

People are being warned to be wary of genuine car parts being offered at low prices.

Victorian Disability Minister to intervene on jailing of intellectually disabled man

The Victorian Disability Minister has intervened to remove a young man with a profound intellectual disability from jail.

Minister Martin Foley made the decision after ABC’S 7.30 Report informed him the man was there because, despite his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package funding him, no disability provider would care for him.

Francis, who turned 20 this week, has been in prison on remand since September.

Francis's Legal Aid solicitor Lucy Geddes said the case is an abject failure for the system.

Syrian army capture ISIS’s last stronghold

The eastern Syrian town Albu Kamal has been liberated from the Islamic State, Syrian army claims.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said there is still fighting in the area.

The town was ISIS last stronghold in Syria, they now only control small areas of desert in eastern and central Syria, compared to the two years ago when ISIS control half the country’s landmass.

201 Saudi princes and businessmen in custody

Saudi authorities are holding 201 princes and businessmen in custody, while investigations into corruption continue.

Since the ‘purge’ began on Saturday, 208 people have been brought in for questioning with only seven being released without charge.

Authorities said they have uncovered $100 billion has been misused through corruption and embezzlement, while critics argue this is the Crown Prince’s attempt to remove rivals to the crown.

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