NSW shark net trial extended to 2019, despite environmental concerns

Federal Government Environmental Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has granted the NSW Government a two year extension for their exemption from the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Photo Source: Wikicommons

The extension was given despite the Environmental Department’s own advice noting the negative impact the nets have on the marine animals.

The Humane Society International has called the trial an ecological disaster, which has killed and injured endangered species.

The shark net trial will be extended to October 2019.

Labor promises $15 million in Sunshine Coast broadband project

The Labor party has promised an investment of $15 million into the Sunshine Coast’s international broadband submarine cable project if re-elected.

The undersea cable would connect the Sunshine Coast directly with global communications systems, creating 864 full-time jobs and boosting the Queensland economy.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson said the submarine cables are a vital part of the national telecommunications infrastructure, and the project would increase connectivity.

Breast milk bank asking for donations

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital are asking for donations of breastmilk, after concerns were raised of the supply running low.

Many premature babies rely on the donated breastmilk, but the hospital is going through the supply as quickly as they are getting it, the ABC reports.

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital are asking potential donors to contact them.

Australians warned of excessive antibiotics use

Choosing Wisely Australia are warning Australians against unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Ahead of World Antibiotic Awareness Week, which begins on Monday the 13th, NPS MedicineWise are asking people to discuss appropriate use of antibiotics with their doctors to minimise the use for common conditions.

The use of antibiotics to tackle conditions, such as middle ear infections and fevers in children, results in antibiotic resistance.

Australia is one of the highest antibiotic prescribers in the world.

Israeli occupation forces declares closed zone near Gaza border

Israeli occupation authorities have announced the area close to the border of the Gaza Strip is now a “closed military zone”.

Israeli citizens are now forbidden from approaching or entering the zone.

The decision comes after rising fears of attacks following a tunnel bombing on October 30 that killed 12 Palestinians.

The area was declared a closed military zone after the attack before being rescinded on November 5, but it is now unclear why the area is forbidden again.

Yemen facing world’s largest famine, UN warns

UN officials are warning Yemen will face the world’s largest famine in decades, unless the Saudi-led coalition lifts its blockade.

On Monday, the coalition increased their air, land and sea blockade after a missile was fired near the Saudi capital.

This decision has prevented humanitarian aid from being delivered and could result in millions of victims to famine, according to the UN.