Mining industry uproar over Galilee Basin debate and more Zedlines

The debate over construction of a railway which will enable mining projects in the Galilee Basin region continues, with heads of industry calling for more affirmative action (Image Credits: Takver).

Queensland Resource Industry Council general manager, Adrien Rourke, has warned that the government’s lack of certainty regarding railway projects could result in a dramatic drop in state investment and large job losses for regional Queenslanders.  


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has maintained that businesses should not fear drops in investment in the state.


Huge support for Labor’s renewable energy future


Energy Minister Mark Bailey has welcomed the support for Labor’s 151 million dollar commitment towards renewable energy.


By the year 2030, new publicly owned CleanCo will be increasing their renewable energy target by 50% to 1000 mega watts


The ongoing commitment ensures the creation of up to 15,000 jobs across regional Queensland.


Another one might bite the dust


A well-known Tasmanian Senator may be the next in line to join seven other federal senators who recently departed Federal Parliament during the current dual citizenship saga.


According to the ABC, Jacqui Lambie is making urgent inquiries to the UK Home Office about her status, after announcing her father was born in Scotland last week.


The Senator is expected to know the outcome later today.


Hemp based foods hit the Australian market


Many Australians celebrated on the weekend, as products such as hemp beer, chocolate and oil hit the shelves.


The hemp industry is now rushing to introduce even more hemp based products to the market, after the Federal Government decided low grade THC hemp seeds were fit for human consumption; before this, hemp was only used in clothing and industrial materials.


However, hemp food products will not be branded with the same well-known symbol as the illegal drug cannabis, as the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand does not want any confusion between hemp and the drug.

Iranian and Iraqi border rocked by powerful earthquake


A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck the northern border region between Iran and Iraq killing more than 400 people and injuring thousands.


Iran’s state media has risen the death toll to 407, reporting a further 6,700 injuries, with tremors being felt hundreds of miles away in the Iranian capital of Tehran.


Three days of mourning has been declared in the worst affected province of Kermanshah, it is the worst earthquake in Iran since the 6.6 magnitude earthquake on December 26 2003


Major Republicans abandon support of embattled candidate


US Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has suggested  Republican senator nominee Roy Moore step aside.


The calls to step aside come after two women have come forward, with one accusing him of sexual assault and the other claiming that he made sexual advances on her when she was fourteen.


Mr Moore has called the allegations a witch hunt and fake news, and has refused to stop his campaign for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old Alabama senate seat.