New owner of Valley’s landmark buildings to be unveiled by Christmas and more Zedlines

New owners of Fortitude Valley’s landmark buildings will be revealed by Christmas, with several expressions of interest for the Walton’s building on Mcwhirters on Wickham street.

Vacant land is also of keen interest for potential new owners, with a 3.5 hectare L-shaped block adjacent the Fortitude Valley train station receiving interest from both investors domestic and abroad.

The properties owned by the Lee family have been put on the market to allow for major development in the area.


Queensland farmers call for government reform to natural disaster

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation is calling on the government to implement policy and funding reforms to support farmers before and after natural disasters.

Queensland is the most disaster-impacted state in Australia, and the QFF is advocating for a suite of policy and funding reforms to improve the sector’s ability to manage the financial strain of disasters on farmers and governments.

QFF President Stuart Armitage said that while natural disasters are a part of farming in Queensland, the effect of severe weather on rural communities is escalating.


Jacqui Lambie resigns after being confirmed a British dual citizen

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has resigned from the federal parliament over dual citizen concerns.

The former Senator was inquiring to see if she was a British citizen by descent, as her father was born in Scotland.  

Ms Lambie denied she would run in the upcoming Tasmanian state election, but may have another go at federal politics potentially running for the seat of Braddon if Labour MP Justine Keay is forced to resign over her citizenship.


Overhaul of care system recommended for sick regional patients

Kidney specialists recommend an overhaul to the renal care system amidst concerns of forgone life-saving treatments in regional and rural Indigenous populations.

A report by the Menzies School of Health Research found alarming rates of Indigenous patients in the Northern Territory do not receive kidney treatments due to the lack of specialist facilities in the region.

Dr Jaquelyne Hughes said there is a lack of information among the communities about how end-stage kidney disease develops and how dialysis works.

The territory has the highest rate of renal failure in the world.


Nine countries on alert as Madagascar is hit by plague

Nine countries around the island nation are on high alert as plague has infected more than 2000 people, and taken the lives of 165.

World Health Organisation’s spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said the quick steps taken to support the Malagasy government to contain the outbreak has been effective.

International travellers to Madagascar are encouraged to seek advice before travelling, and need to be aware of the measures to reduce the risk of infection.


Nepal bank suffers fraudulent transfers of US$4.4 million

Hackers transferred US$4.4 million to countries like England, the United States, Singapore, Japan and China from Kathmandu-based NIC Asia Bank.

The bank was a victim of cyberheists that have been targeting global SWIFT bank messaging systems.

All but US$580,000 were recovered after Nepal asked the other countries to block the stolen money.