Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

61.6 % per cent of participants in the same-sex marriage postal vote have voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to marry (image:wiki).

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published the results at 9am local time with the final count being 7.8 million supporting the move and 4.9 million against the move.

Statistician David Kalisch says it shows how important this issue is to many Australians.

18 and 19 year old voters had the strongest participation with around 78 per cent participation in the postal survey.

Brisbane brain researcher awarded Strömgren Medal

A leading Queensland brain researcher has gained international acclaim by being awarded Denmark’s prestigious Strömgren Medal for his research into schizophrenia.

Professor John McGrath, of the Queensland Brain Institute, became involved with the Niels Bohr Professorship Program in Denmark last year and conducted a study of 80,000 newborns to determine the link between vitamin D levels and schizophrenia.

The research project found that vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and babies could increase the risk of developing schizophrenia later in life.

According to Professor McGrath, Denmark are world leaders in mental health research, with some of the best health registers and largest biobanks.

Three rushed to hospital after life-threatening Queensland house fire

Two young children and a man have been rushed to hospital via plane in a serious condition after a house fire in Weranga, west of Toowoomba.

Emergency services were called to the incident at about 7:40pm Tuesday where it took about 30 minutes to douse the blaze.

It has been confirmed that the two young children and a 34 year-old man were treated on scene for serious burns.

The children were then flown to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for further treatment, while the man was taken to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital to receive treatment.

Jacqui Lambie set to return to senate position

A politician may return to her Senate position after finding out she has dual-citizenship, however it all depends on the man who’s set to take her place.

Politician Jacqui Lambie resigned on Tuesday after the UK Office confirmed she has rights to dual British citizenship by descent due to her father been born in Scotland.

Ms. Lambie is wanting her replacement Steve Martin to fill her Senate position and then resign shortly after which will enable Lambie to make a swift return.

However, Mr Martin may reject the position creating a casual Senate Position up for grabs, which could be filled by any of Lambie’s network.

Worries for victims of Syrian airstrikes

Only one day after an airstrike attack in Syria killed over 60 people, Turkey, Russia and Iran have come to an agreement to ease the fighting in Syria.

This has caused serious reconsideration and questions about their commitment to protect civilians who are being caught in the crossfire of this civil war.

These airstrikes have destroyed one building and damaged several others. It is not yet fully know who was behind these attacks.

Greece releases Dutch journalist after entering Turkish border without permission

Judicial authorities in Greece announce a Dutch journalist has been released from custody after entering a restricted military area on the Turkish border without permission.

Reporter Sakir Khader was handed a five-month prison sentence for entering the area on the Turkish border.

The region has seen a spike in migrant trafficking in recent months.