Aboriginal painting breaks record of highest selling painting by female Australian artist and more Zedlines

Earth's Creation, painted by Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye, has sold for 2.1 million dollars at Fine Art Bourse auction, setting the record for a female Australian artist. Photo source: Fine Art Bourse

Earth's Creation broke its own record set in 2007 when it sold for 1.05 million dollars.

The auction was held on Thursday at Cooee Art, Australia's oldest Aboriginal art gallery.

Auctioneer Tim Goodman believes the sale will revitalise the Aboriginal art market.

The artwork has been granted an export permit to be displayed to further international audiences.

Traditional adoption practices to be acknowledged under Labor government

The Labor government has pledged new laws to recognise Torres Strait Island families’ use of traditional adoption if re-elected.

The traditional parenting practice allows children to be given to other members of the community for a range of reasons, including the maintenance of family inheritance rights and provide an infertile couple with the opportunity to raise a child.

Communities Minister Shannon Fentiman said the practice had been integral to Torres Strait Islander life for generations, however is still not given the same recognition as Western adoption practices.

Labor’s candidate for the electorate of Cook, Cynthia Lui says recognition would take families out of legal limbo.

Summer set for strange combination of climate conditions

An unusual combination of climate conditions is baffling meteorologists, saying Australia could experience a warmer and drier than average summer despite the La Nina event in the Pacific.

The Bureau of Meteorology's summer outlook indicates odds have shifted from cooler and wetter than average weather for the next three months.

Daytime and overnight temperatures are now tending towards warmer than average for December to February, mostly at the top end of Queensland.

The Bureau said rainfall forecasting is less clear, with no strong tendency except for a patch of relatively dry conditions expected for north-eastern NSW and parts of northern Australia.

City of Sydney pledges $50,000 to support Sydney’s CeBIT technology trade fair

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has pledged $50, 000 to support Australia’s largest business technology trade fair, CeBIT.

In recent years, the fair has had an increased focus on start up companies, as well as innovations and research from within Australia’s educational institutions.

CeBIT Australia has been instrumental as a support for tech entrepreneurs, as well as helping Sydney to maintain a competitive international edge.

More than 15, 000 are expected to attend CeBIT 2018 in Sydney.

Trump to overturn trophy hunting ban

The Trump administration plans to overturn an Obama-era ban on hunters importing trophy African elephants into the US, despite the animals being listed under the Endangered Species Act.

The US Government said imports could resume today, but only for elephants legally hunted in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

They are also claiming regulated hunting will benefit the conservation of certain species and put revenue into conservation efforts.

But experts said the African elephant population is decreasing, and elephant advocacy groups said it will lead to more poaching.

Russia blocks UN bid to examine chemical weapon usage in Syria

An inquiry launched by the United Nations concerning chemical weapons used in the war in Syria will expire on Thursday, with Russia vetoing an extension of the mandate.

US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley says Russia seems to accept the use of chemical warfare in the Syrian civilian war.

The Security Council has been urged to stand together in the face of chemical weapons being used against civilians and re-discuss the mandate’s future.