Nuclear power station proposal in Ipswich and more Zedlines

The chairman of the board at SMR nuclear technology is proposing to open Australia's first Nuclear power station in Ipswich. Image Source: Creative Commons/Benita5

Chairman, Robert Pritchard, says he aims to set up meetings for interested investors and community members, and aims to have the plant open by 2030.

Federal member for the area, Shayne Neumann, remains skeptical of the idea, promoting renewable energy as an alternative.


Accessability a big issue for voters

In the wake of the Queensland election, concerns are being raised about accessibility for disabled voters.


According to the Courier Mail, some officials were forced to take portable cardboard booths to disabled voters outside polling stations.


The member for Logan, Linus Power, has issued a statement about the many complaints received in the last few weeks, saying the issue will be better catered for in future elections.



2017 National Disability Awards announced

The winners for the 2017 national disability awards were announced last night in Canberra, marking the 25th international Day of People with Disability.


The awards were given by MP Jane Prentice in areas as diverse as innovation and community excellence.


Jane Prentice, the Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services, says the award winners were being commended for making Australia “a more inclusive and accepting place”.



Gender pay gap among minimum wage earners

Reports from the University of Melbourne say women paid the minimum award wage earn 10 per cent less than their male counterparts.


Dr Barbara Broadway from the Melbourne Institute says “award wages are systematically lower in jobs more commonly held by women”.


In 2016, almost a quarter of Australian jobs were paid at the minimum rate.



Saleh forces deny claims of capital takeover

Forces loyal to Yemen's former President Ali Abdullah Saleh are denying claims they have gained control of most of the country's capital.


At least 40 people have been killed since Wednesday amid ongoing fighting between Iranian-backed Houthi fighters and Saleh forces.


Saleh said he was open to talks with a Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels, and called for a joint ceasefire between the two sides.



Fromer Egyptian PM denies claims of kidnapping following deportation

The former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has denied reports he was kidnapped following his deportation from the United Arab Emirates.


Mr Shafiq's family voiced fears of foul play, saying they were unable to contact him after he landed in Egypt.


Mr Shafiq fled to the UAE after losing the 2012 election, and was deported after stating his intention to run for the presidency of Egypt in 2018.