Labor claims 47th seat but is yet to officially claim government

Labor claims to have won the 47th seat it needs to form a majority in parliament but has not yet officially claimed government.

On Tuesday night Meaghan Scanlon won the Gold Coast seat of Gaven from sitting Liberal National Party member Sid Cramp.

Labor is yet to claim victory overall and LNP leader Tim Nicholls has not accepted defeat meaning both sides may wait until the Electoral Commission of Queensland declares a result.

As of Tuesday more than 30 seats have been declared late; 17 for Labor, 13 for LNP and one for Katter’s Australia Party.

Barking dog complaints website to be developed

A Brisbane entrepreneur is developing a new website for reporting barking dogs.

Aaron Brand’s BarkUp! Website would give locals a large range of ways to address the issue within their community, including hints on how to approach their neighbours.

If participating locals are too afraid to come face-to-face with their neighbours they have the option to fill out a questionnaire which will generate an automated notification that will go to the neighbour anonymously.

Mr Brand is hoping to have the website up and running by the middle of 2018 with plans to incorporate other features and eventually approach other councils with the technology.

Australia rises to 21 in latest reading poll

Australia has climbed to number twenty-one in the world according to the latest Progress in International Reading Study up from 27 in 2011.

Australia fell in the middle band along with the United States and Canada while outperforming France, New Zealand and Spain for reading proficiency in Year 4 students

The Australian Council for Educational Research stated the results were pleasing but there is still work which needs to be done to improve the results of students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Teenager abused in CFA hazing

A young girl has been dragged from a fire truck, pushed to the ground and held down by multiple middle-aged men in a frightening CFA hazing.

CFA Chief executive Frances Diver has confirmed that four members of the Eaglehawk brigade have stood down over the attack.

Ms Diver is horrified that the 17-year-old girl had been assaulted and the matter is now in the police hands.

Yeman Al Youm employees held captive by rebels

Dozens of journalists are being held hostage by Houthi rebels following an attack on a television station in Yemen’s capital.

Reporters Without Borders say the rebel group attacked the Yemen Al Youm TV channel with rocket-propelled grenades, before storming the station and holding 41 employees inside captive.

Alexandra El Khazen, who heads the Middle East desk of Reporters Without Borders, condemned the attack by the Houthis and said this hostage-style assault is typical of negative attitudes towards journalists in Yemen.

David Attenborough brought to tears during the filming of his new documentary ‘Blue Planet II’

Sir David Attenborough was left heartbroken during the filming for his latest documentary series.

The 91-year-old has spent his life documenting nature but was left heartbroken after seeing a young albatross lying dead by it’s mother after choking on a plastic toothpick.

Sir Attenborough has stressed how there is eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into the sea every year and called for action to save the future of humanity.