Environmental Activists being killed in increasingly larger numbers and more Zedlines

According to watchdog Global Witness, environmental activists are being killed in record numbers around the world, with the Phillipines being among the worst offenders.

According to the watchdog, an Environmental activist in the Phillipines was killed every 12 days, with only Brazil and Colombia having more murders.


Deaths are said to be rising, as they are in other hotspot nations, as people stand up to corruption in both politics and business.



New Generation Rollingstock Trains taking passengers from Monday


The first three New Generation Rollingstock trains will begin taking passengers on Monday, a year and a half after their expected start date.  


The roll-out was heavily delayed due to the discovery of significant issues including problems with braking, air-conditioning, sight lines and disability access.


Disability advocates are appalled with the decision going ahead as the Australian Human Rights Commission is yet to decide on an application for a temporary exemption for disability access issues.



Palaszczuk Government promised to build River Cross Rail


A re-elected Palaszczuk government has promised to build the Cross River Rail project, providing a second crossing of the Brisbane River in the CBD.


The Cross River Rail will increase the capacity of the rail network throughout all of South-East Queensland and ease traffic congestion which is currently decreasing Australian’s quality of life


Prime minister malcolm turnbull has refused to back the project.



Furious Resources Minister makes racism accusations against ALP


Resources Minister Matt Canavan has accused the ALP of buckling to racism and xenophobia, after pulling the pin on their support for the Adani coal mine.


Canavan declares the support would still be there if the company behind it was british.  


The accusations come after it was revealed yesterday that Chinese banks are refusing to provide funding for the coal mine following a campaign lead by former foreign minister Bob Carr.



Report outlines Substantial drop in Aboriginal Smoking rates from 2004 to 2015


A ‘deadly progress’ report released today has highlighted a substantial drop in the rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women smoking.


The report suggests that 18-24yr age groups had the largest decrease of 13.2%, followed closely by the 25-34yr age group with 9%.


The success of the program, especially amongst younger age groups has been regarded as a success, with an estimated 35, 000 fewer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders smoking each day.



Police in Honduras refuse to confront pro-democracy demonstrators.


Police in Honduras have said they will refuse orders to engage with Pro-Democracy protesters.


In a statement by a member of the Cobra police unit, an officer stated ‘we aren’t with a political ideology. We can’t keep confronting people, and we don’t to repress and violate the rights of the Honduran people’.


This statement comes in the wake of a refusal to follow orders from a Government imposing curfew and crackdowns on protests to quell growing tensions over suspected voter fraud.


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