Companies pay a lower tax-rate than the average citizen and more Zedlines

According to an analysis by the ABC the highest tax rate paid by companies is lower than that of an average individual. Image: Max Pixel.

For the upcoming financial year, individuals earning between $37,000 and $87,000 will pay $3572 and 32.5 cents for each dollar over $37,000.


This results in a tax rate of 32.5%. The highest rate of tax as a percentage of taxable income by companies between 2015 and 2016 was 30%.


‘Giant fans’ to cool Great Barrier Reef

A trial of eight large, submerged fans to cool water and reduce heat stress in the Great Barrier Reef will begin early in 2018.


The solar-powered water mixers work to move cooler water from depths of up to 30 metres to surface level.


It is estimated these could reduce temperatures by 0.7 degrees in the summer months, and help to protect areas of high-value coral.


The project is funded by the Turnbull Government, The Reef and Rainforest Research Centre and the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators.


Queensland ballet dancer wins People’s Choice Award

Queensland ballet dancer, Jake Mangakahia, won the Telstra Ballet People’s Choice Award.


The dancer was competing against six other dancers, including Valerie Tereshchenko, who claimed the 2017 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.


Mr Mangakahia expressed his gratitude to his parents for enrolling him into ballet classes at age five, the start of his dancing career where he secured a place in The Australian Ballet when he was eighteen.


Government to pay for re-marriage of LGBT couples who wed in 2013

Same-sex couples who married during the brief window in 2013 when the ACT legalised gay marriage, will have their application fees for re-marriage waived by the government.


The thirty-one same-sex couples who married in Canberra in December 2013 had their marriages annulled after only a week, due to a high-court decision to rule against the law.


ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay said the decision to waive the fees for these couples to be re-married, is a way to celebrate and ‘acknowledge this important change’.


Couples who registered for civil unions under ACT law are also eligible.


Modern slavery to be targeted by new laws

A federal committee’s report in Parliament said Australia needs a new suite of laws to stamp out modern slavery.


The report by the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade’s Inquiry was tabled in Parliament on the final sitting day.


The committee recommended provisions for a mandatory supply chain that requires large companies to report modern slavery risks.


Democrat Senator Al Franken resigns amid sexual misconduct accusations

Democratic Senator Al Franken said he will resign from Congress in the next week amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.


Mr Franken, a former comedian who made his name appearing on Saturday Night Live, is bowing to pressure from his fellow Democratic colleagues.


He said that nothing he has done as a senator that has brought dishonor on the institution.