No Brow art show speaks with Johannes Kreidler

Originally Broadcast: September 28, 2014

‘Stutterances’ was part of the Liquid Architecture festival program for Melbourne this year, and saw a variety of speeches and text-based performances delivered as readymade sound artworks. While each was uniquely confronting, revelatory or humorous, one performance paid particular faith to the lecture scenario and categorised subdivisions of the metal genre until horrifically absurd. Johannes Kreidler, a composer trained in the European Western Art / classical music tradition resembles something of an agent provocateur amongst his contemporaries, targeting amongst other things the weaponisation of music for emotional pull and the ‘pathos’ of advertising and political media. His work takes a sharp critique to the political culture of capital, economic faith and military investment. Case in point: his 2009 ‘Chart Music’ fed the stock market charts of the global financial crisis into cheap children’s composing software to create - amongst others - a bossanova melody based on the decline of General Motors. For Sutterances he presented ‘The tulip of which I am speaking and which I replace in speaking’. Andrew McLellan caught up with him in Melbourne…

Contains excerpts of a performance recording made by the RN's Creative Audio Unit & engineering by Chris Lawson and Matthew Crawford for the ABC. Extended thanks to Miyuki Jokiranta of RN's Soundproof and all at Liquid Architecture.