Queer Radio interview with personal trainer, Shai Lewis

Queer Radio's Sharon Mulheron and Blair Martin speak with Shai Lewis.

Body By Shai’s – Top 25 Tips to Keeping Fit.

1) If you haven’t already – get into your weights training
2) Reduce Stress – meditation, yoga etc
3) Stop trying to ‘Spot Reduce’
4) Get App friendly
5) Shock your muscles by mixing up your workout
6) Train with a mate/partner/small group
7) Food food food!( This is 80% of your goals right here!!!)
8) Procrastination is the Devil!
9) Eat more home cooked meals rather than take away meals/fastfood
10) Take before pics and photos and keep track of strength increases and measurements
11) Eat more... that’s right! Include the snacks like morning tea/afternoon tea – graze.
12) Try a different sport/activity – ie rowing / swimming
13) Drink more water
14) High Intensity Training
15) Never skip breakfast
16) Walk more – if you have the option to walk – take it.
18) Get enough sleep
19) Set realistic achievable goals
20) Reduce carbohydrate intake. (complex and simple sugars)
21) Go to the doctors for a check up (ESPECIALLY YOUR THYROID)
22) Rest and recovery are just as important as the workout.
23) Variety in your foods (include different proteins also)
24) Consistency is the key
25) Call your number 1 personal trainer – Body By Shai PT!