The Ape: The Ape

- Not known for sitting on his ass for very long, Tex Perkins has a new band with some old friends. The Ape is the latest name on the ever-growing list of Tex projects. This time there is no 'Tex Perkins and the something-somethings', simply, The Ape are a rock-band. The Ape's line-up is fleshed out by Raul Sanchez of Magic Dirt as well as Mike Noga's Gentlemen of Fortune: Gus Agars and Pat Bourke.

It's only right and natural that the band be labeled, The Ape. The music is primal, confident and thick, truly the result of a brick and mortar design. It's less frightening than the Beasts of Bourbon but with a bit more funk than the Cruel Sea. But what is a rock band if not a unit of guitar, drums, bass and a disembodied voice to tell you how it is. Sex, drugs, desire and mistreatment; Tex has long commented on domestic situations and personal disasters.

Despite this being their first LP as a band, these guys are all well experienced and naturally the group have given us a firm package to have and to hold. If you are one of the two guys I saw hysterically pogo-ing to Beasts of Bourbon's 'Hard For You' at ATP earlier this year, then this is your jam. The Ape are meat and potatoes Rock 'n' Roll, for life.

- Josh Watson.

Album Details

Album Title: The Ape
Artist: The Ape
Record Label: (Ape)