Bang Bang Boss Kelly - Bang Bang Boss Kelly

When hardcore musicians crossover into other genres the end result is usually a horrendous failure (JJ Peters I’m looking at you). However Bang Bang Boss Kelly have managed to channel their pent-up rage into a new musical avenue, a transition which they have appeared to have handled with ease.

The quartet have built on their southern rock influences filling their songs with finger-picked melodies, lazy harmonica and rambling Banjo. Lone Rider kicks off with the ebb and flow of a waltz which highlights vocalist Chris Drage with his husky Kings of Leon style croon. Boneyards sails perilously close to Mumford and Sons territory with its introduction but thankfully that’s where the similarities end. Each song is a story of the trial of city live, presented in a style that yearns of sleepy rural areas and vast outback landscapes.

Bang Bang Boss Kelly have managed to create a colourful palette of modern folk which harks back to an era when music was written with purpose and when participants didn’t dress like 19th century dairy farmers.

- Scott Thompson

Album Details

Album Title: Bang Bang Boss Kelly
Artist: Bang Bang Boss Kelly
Record Label: Independant