BATTS: 62 Moons

- Melbourne indie-folk artist BATTS has really given it her all on her debut EP 62 Moons. Following on from earlier singles For Now and Little White Lies, she has shown that she is not just a hit single kinda gal and delivered a succinct collection of expertly arranged, heart-wrenching indie-folk ballads.

Somedays really showcases her arrangement skills, with guitars, soft synths and her powerhouse vocals tied together in an adept bow. The track has a nice sway to it, and the way her voice lilts on certain notes creates a gently sorrowful vibe, adroitly cutting against what is otherwise a reasonably jovial sounding song.

Keeping within the theme of space, as this record relies very heavily on space as a concept, samples of the sound of Saturn, recorded by NASA are used to open the EP and appear intermittently within the tracks, which adds a unique texture and also ties in with the title of the EP (Saturn has 62 moons). This underlying theme continues throughout, bringing just a touch of chill in from the outer void.

BATTS has a very heartfelt vocal style; the kind of voice that wells up tears just from a momentary listen. The raw emotion she displays through her singing technique is overwhelming in a sense, but perfectly matched to her overall style. The rich, dark timbre of her vocals cuts through the instrumentation to take full aural focus. In particular, on Change, you can really feel the full depth of her vocal capability through the almost acapella vocal sections, it'll take your breath away.

For fans of indie-folk and clever, downtempo pop, this is an EP that really will take your breath away with its sheer emotion. Heavy on the heart but light on the ears, BATTS has really risen to the challenge when it comes to following up from her singles. She’s definitely one to watch.

- Olivia Shoesmith.

Album Details

Album Title: 62 Moons
Artist: BATTS
Record Label: (THAA)