Clea: Fairweather

- Brisbane indie-folk artist Clea has been making a name for herself for quite a while, in the live gig world, and with singles Polyester, Dire Consequences, and more recently, Bright Blue, but is only now releasing her debut EP Fairweather. The five track EP is a balanced collection of impeccable song writing, cascading harmonies, and her distinct, dulcet vocal tones, which married with clever musical arrangements, catchy melodies and a penchant for blunt subtlety,

Straight away you can hear some of Clea’s musical influences – the soft yet sassy delivery is reminiscent of Laura Marling and other indie-folk artists of that calibre. The slightly alternative band arrangements almost delve into something psychedelic at times, which makes sense, considering her prior involvement in psych tinged, Brisbane alt-rock band Zefereli.

Supercharged single Bright Blue wastes no time, jumping straight into a fast paced tune, flipping between Clea's lower and upper vocal register and ingraining that incredibly catchy melody into your mind. The half time chorus section is a really interesting deviation from the norm in this style of music – Clea knows how to stand out in a crowded genre. Dire Consequences, another early single, has a real ominous feel to it; an appropriate title I suppose. The minor chords suit her theatrically soothing voice too, making it sound almost like a spell as she croons: “make him stay / dire consequences”.

Clea uses clever lyrical lines, packing smart, effective metaphors and other literary devices – the alliteration and syncopated rhyming in Positive Paradise add a clever rhythmical beat, almost like it's unintentional, just from the way the words fall. However, like a lot of artists, sometimes the smarts can be difficult to distinguish, the lyrics lost in the roar of the music – not so badly as to destroy the track, but it does take attention away from the important parts sometimes.

Fairweather, Clea's debut, is an auspicious beginning. Her cathartic approach to musical creativity is emotionally invigorating, yet still perfectly perched on the ledge of pretty (in my ears) and painful (in my heart).

- Olivia Shoesmith.

Album Details

Album Title: Fairweather
Artist: Clea
Record Label: (Mirror)