Eliza And The Delusionals: The Deeper End

- When listening to The Deeper End from Gold Coast indie rockers Eliza and the Delusionals, you’d be surprised it’s only their debut EP. A thematically and musically strong first effort from the from piece indie-rock band, the five tracker is full of substantial guitar riffs, slick drums and dynamic vocals.

Opening track Cigarette bounds straight into meaty guitar riffs and tight drums backing front woman Eliza Klatt’s powerhouse vocals. It doesn’t take long for the song to explode into a hard-hitting chorus:“Just because I didn’t want your cigarette / Doesn’t mean I didn’t wanna be friends” which makes you think of other '90’s inspired indie-rock artists like Ali Barter.

19 has more of those sweet guitar melodies, and is flanked by a funky bass riff and incredibly catchy vocal hook that will get stuck in your head for days. Falling Out is more relaxed in a way, and doesn’t carry the same sense of urgency that other tracks on the EP have. This doesn’t take away from the vibe though, instead it's a good filling for the rock sandwich.

Deep End starts off soft again like its EP predecessor, before cascading into another sing-a-long chorus that Klatt is oh so good at writing. Salt is the perfect punch to round out the record; upbeat yet still bittersweet, catchy yet not annoyingly so.

The five track EP has similar themes throughout all of the tracks, which ties it all in together pretty cohesively. The classic concept of loving someone who doesn’t love you, especially as an adolescent is a tried and tested one, which is why Eliza can pull it off so well. This being said, she doesn’t venture into overdone territory, and none of the tracks sound too corny or sappy (which is definitely not what you want in your indie rock bangers).

The Deeper End is a solid first effort from Eliza and the Delusionals. If you’re into your Alex Lahey then you’re gonna eat this one up.

- Olivia Shoesmith.


Album Details

Album Title: The Deeper End
Artist: Eliza And The Delusionals
Record Label: (White Label)