Food Court: Good Luck

- If fuzzed out garage rock is your bag, then strap yourself in, baby. Sydney’s Food Court have followed up their 2015 Big Weak EP with eleven tracks of noisy, guitar rock. Certainly a more refined sound from the four piece, Good Luck comes out swinging with the intensity of a bee hive in a blender.

Tracks Alright Alone and Slightest Brightest will appeal to your inner anarchist and wouldn't be out of place on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. Drifting in between the indie punk vibes of early Green Day and hinting at the fuzzed out glory of The Strokes the first half of Good Luck is top heavy - short sharp punk inspired bites that can be likened to an out of control house party. While later cuts have propensity to blur into each other, struggling to cut through in the same way belters I've Been Wrong and Not My Way do, which hit you like knock out blow.

Nestled in the middle of the record, Wrecked is a one-two punch of unease and thunderous fearlessness. Opening with a bass line that means business, uninhibited guitar and lo-fi vocals that drip with anxiety, the cut slow burns, exploding in a flurry of booming, triumphant percussion. Guaranteed to have you stomping, head banging and throwing yourself into the thick of the pit.

Not a band to draw things out, Food Court display their garage rock stripes with most of the cuts off Good Luck clocking in at under two-and-a-half minutes each. Rough, raw and raucous, their DIY approach to their debut is earnest and endearing. Recorded live, the album itches to be experienced thusly; in all its sweaty ferocity. Staying true to the authentic fervent, chaotic, punk rock elements Food Court built their reputation on, the band have really captured the essence of being young, restless and ready to go 3 rounds in the ring with a grizzly bear.

- Fiona Priddey.

Album Details

Album Title: Good Luck
Artist: Food Court
Record Label: (Dine Alone)