Lewis O’Leary - Eating the Afterbirth

Brisbane local Lewis O’Leary has created a very interesting mash-up of pop vocal and guitar melodies, mixed with gritty electronic sounds and improvised instrumentals on his debut solo album “Eating the Afterbirth”.

Eating the Afterbirth is surprisingly relaxed, with O’Leary creating textured landscapes that move without warning, and textures that nearly escape from your speakers. As relaxed as it is though, I wouldn’t recommend it for easy listening, as it gives your ears a bit of an experimental work out throughout the transition of the tracks.

Track two; In Your Wake, is a definite highlight with some awesome soundscaping coming from O’Leary with fantastic layering of classic pop elements. In a sense this is possibly as close as O’Leary comes to creating a conventional ‘pop song’, but he makes it so inviting to listen to. Million Dollar Cigarette is one of the grittier tracks, with an immense amount of detail.

Lewis O’Leary has certainly created something very intrinsic and interesting with “Eating the Afterbirth”, and it’s great to hear something inventive coming out of the local scene. For a copy of Lewis O’Leary’s “Eating The Afterbirth”, hit him up on his MySpace and he’ll probably even give you a Lewis O’Leary trademark hand-painted personalized cover!

(Liza Harvey)

Album Details

Album Title: Eating the Afterbirth
Artist: Lewis O’Leary
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