May Lyn: Vessels EP

- Malaysian born, Brisbane based electronic artist May Lyn might just be my new musical obsession. Since teasing her latest EP with the cheeky Bandcamp release of the gorgeous track Escape at the end of last year, Lyn has been a seemingly unstoppable force. She's released two more stunning songs and been a prominent part of both Brisbane's electronic and hip-hop community of late, playing a bevy of shows in the lead-up to her first full blown release in almost two years, which is now on the verge of being released to the world at large.

On third EP to date, Vessels, Lyn appears primed to solidify herself as the absolute real deal. Her downtempo, smooth and soulful electronic r'n'b has never sounded so powerful, so breathtaking and on point. Everything Lyn has done in the past seems like just the musical entrée to this very moment in time.

Within Vessels May Lyn finds herself at the crossroads where EDM, hip hop and r'n'b have morphed themselves into a fusion of pure aural delight. Mixed, mastered and produced by Lyn herself, moreso than ever before she has embraced the sultry, atmospheric and darker side of modern, electronic pop music and created something downright mesmerising and unforgettable.

While Vessels is almost a completely insular affair, up and coming Brisbane producer and emcee tomtom jumps in on the dreamy and bubbly jam Vibes, a track that simply oozes good vibrations on every level; the pair showing off their musical rapport after Lyn lent her silken vocals to tomtom's latest banger BubbleUp, just a few months back.

Despite May Lyn planting herself firmly in the smooth sonic landscape of future r'n'b, there are several moments on Vessels where the line continues to blur towards modern hip hop, Lyn's often ethereal and subtle vocal stylings and lyricism leaning towards an increasingly focal and immediate presence; like SZA or Erykah Badu meets Little Dragon or Sydney's Kllo. The results are absolutely world class and incredibly slick. It's a delicate balance that Lyn straddles like a bonafide pro.

While Lyn is still far from a household name, Vessels is a remarkably impressive showing and by far her finest work to date. Now being the perfect time to indulge and lose yourselves in the rich tapestry that May Lyn has moulded with her deft touch; at least then when the world at large jumps on the bandwagon you can feel that warm, fuzzy feeling of being an early adopter and one step ahead of the pack. The future has arrived, and that future seems very secure in May Lyn's trusty hands.

- Jay Edwards.

Album Details

Album Title: Vessels EP
Artist: May Lyn
Record Label: (Indie)