Millions: Max Relax

Relax with the music of Millions, but think of others and try not to snore.

- I have to say that Max Relax is the most appropriately named album I have listened to in a while.

If the vibe for this debut album from the Brisbane based quartet Millions was any more laid back I would seriously contemplate checking for a pulse.

Now I'm not going to say Max Relax is boring, but I will say the eleven track collection provides no listening challenge whatsoever. That is not entirely a bad thing though, there are moments in life that require a sedentary soundtrack such as this one. Giving oneself a pedicure for example is one activity that could yield disastrous results were it accompanied by vigorous, frenetic thrashings.

The album does have several redeeming qualities however and one of them happens within the first few seconds of play. The opening few bars is a warped, winding up sound like a hand operated turntable which instantly intrigued me. Another keynote is the combination of catchy guitar hooks executed by Ted Tilbrook which permeate the album and the signature vocal stylings of Dom Haddad; when these elements unite they cement the Millions sound.

There is no doubt that Millions have produced a polished product in Max Relax. There are no hints of bedroom recordings here and that is because the boys went to London to visit Ted's father and lead singer of Squeeze, Glenn Tilbrook, to produce this album. High production quality is without question the tasty icing on an otherwise bland cake.

There are some standout tracks worthy of mention here. The current single release, Clementine, is doing great things in the airplay stakes and rightly so, it is an enticing blend of rollicking melody and good lyrics. Later on Unchained shows the potential the band has to get a little experimental and messed up; potential they choose to ignore for the rest of the album. My tip for the next release will be Agony & Ecstasy which is the highlight track of the album for me.

Not that you can neatly compare Millions to the following bands, but lovers of other Brisbane indie pop acts like The Jungle Giants, Cub Sport and new comers The Worriers will probably find a kindred spirit in Million's Max Relax. The album is a good listen, particularly if you need a break from being over-stimulated. It is a solid contribution to the genre and is nothing if not easy on the ears. If you give Max Relax a listen and I promise it won't bite.

- Jae Salmon.

Album Details

Album Title: Max Relax
Artist: Millions
Record Label: (Stop Start / Inertia)