4ZZZ Music Department.: Best New Arrivals for August Pt. Three


Hexmere: Stormwater (Single) (Indie)
- Rabid, drilling, hit-n-quit kind of punk rock from locals, Hexmere. Sounds like HR flossing his teeth with a drive chain. Always a pleasure. (Nick Rodwell)

Jordan Merrick: Travellin' (Single) (Indie)
- Brisbane based singer Songwriter bringing the Australian travelling lifestyle to you with a song that sounds like it's going everywhere and anywhere. Get lost with Jordan’s vivid storytelling abilities as you’re transported throughout the east coast of Australia. (Rhett Whittaker)

LALKA: Dare You To Love Me (Single) (Purple Sneakers)
- Brisbane Artist LALKA arrives with an attention grabbing composition combining hip hop rhythms and submersive textures. This politically inspired track is sure to help you release some of those pent up energies. (Rhett Whittaker)


Australian Art Orchestra Water Pushes Sand (Jazzhead)
- Exultant, pure and thoroughly engaging - This is a collaboration between musicians from Sichuan, China and Australian composer Erik Griswold and The Australian Art Orchestra. The result is some extraordinary music. (Nick Rodwell)

Birdz: Train Of Thought (Indie)
- This debut album from rapper, Birdz, is proud, honest and tireless - If you’re into A.B. Original and that staunch Hip Hop slap, this is for you. (Nick Rodwell)

Born Lion: Evil K (Single) (Four Four / Rare Finds)
- Syndey punk rock group Born Lion with a balls to the wall, Queens Of The Stone Age inspired classic. With guitars all over the place and loose rolling bass, this the perfect power track for air drumming.  (Rhett Whittaker)

Captain Earwax: Queen Bee (Single) (Fifty)
- A single from his vibey collection of beats, Delicate Empires, Sydney multi-disciplinary artist Captain Earwax has many a chilled groove. (Nick Rodwell)

Jess Locke: Universe (Single) (Lesstalk)
- This new Jess Locke is gently mesmerising and low-key disconcerting - It’s the way she sings of engaging in the grotesque that lulls you into submission - rip me up, Jess. (Nick Rodwell)

Liminal Drifter: The Night Train Vacancies (Hidden Shoal)
A remix album of Liminal Drifters 2015 album The Night Train Vacancies from Fremantle - Plenty of affecting ambient, trip hop and deep house remixes. (Nick Rodwell)

Love Delux: Silk Mirage (Single) (Soothsayer / Mushroom)
- Sydney producer deftly leaves a trail of sprinkles behind the clunky stomp of this electro-disco - Acts like a lure to my easily distracted inner child. (Nick Rodwell)


Car Seat Headrest: War Is Coming (If You Want It) (Single) (Matador Records / Remote Control Records)
- Will Toledo is a great songwriter. His work as Car Seat Headrest is always interesting for it's ability balance push and pull between the internal and external self. That, and the way he produces his music is undeniably involving. (Nick Rodwell)

Antibalas: Gold Rush (Single) (Daptone)
- Brooklyn-based afro-beat from the Label that brought us Sharon Jones. So, you know it's absolutely slammin'. (Nick Rodwell)


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