4ZZZ Music Department.: Best New Arrivals for August Pt. Two


FOREVR: Classics / Death Is A Miracle (Indie)
-It’s such a lunge out of leftfield it makes me think Forevr recognised that Death Is A Miracle is the record they really wanted to make, but knew they had to do Classics as well, as insurance, just in case nobody could handle Forevr at their most imaginative. (Chris Cobcroft)


I, The Divide: Can You Hear Me (Evergreen)
-Brisbane metalcore seems to cover a such diverse range these days, from Aversions Crown to The Deadlights, it’s hard to keep on top of it all. I, The Divide do well on their debut EP to cover the range of sounds and maintain the intensity within six tracks. (Nick Rodwell)


Ben Frost: Threshold Of Faith (Single)(Mute/PIAS)
-Australian noise artist, Ben Frost, is getting bigger and bolder in his experiments. Threshold in Faith takes a direction with less regard for rigid rhythm and more for interacting textures and sonic registers that carry great impact. It still carries a depth and darkness that is familiar with his work but his return in 2017 is a monstrous and compelling environment. (Nick Rodwell)

Feels: Prior Engagement (Single) (Indie)
There is a lightness and something kinda otherworldly to the way this track bounces. Perth-based duo has all hands on deck as this heavily percussive piece compels you to tap on, well, something, anything, everything! (Nick Rodwell)

Habits: SHAME/DESIRE (Single) (Indie)
This new single from Melbourne duo, Habits, is great. The way the silky vocals rise through the menacing clatter of their introspective-techno is captivating and all consuming. (Nick Rodwell)

HAMJAM: a/s/l? (Bedroom Suck / Remote Control)
Born from members of Methyl Ethyl and Pond, Hamjam’s a/s/l is a sloppily sensual body of indie-rock. It’s a self-aware and versatile offering with everything from slinky grooves to an upstanding propulsion of psyche texures. It’s a really satisfying album. (Nick Rodwell)

LUCIANBLOMKAMP: Nothing feat. Rromarin (Single) (Different / [PIAS] / Good Manners)
- Two Melbourne artists have joined forces to birth a pulsating electronic hit. Lucianblomkamp brews Kult Kyss' Rromarin's vox talent perfectly into his signature dark electro/future/pop drink worthy of more than a few sips. What's not to love? It's a tall glass of alternative Aussie music; so enjoy. (Luke Doig)

Okenyo: Woman's World (Single) (Elefant Tracks)
-The sound of triumph is Sydney MC, Okenyo, over this punchy blend of modern electronica and traditional rhythms. It’ll raise you high and enable you to get down low as the high energy is matched with a cultivated sense of song. (Nick Rodwell)

ORB:You Are Right (Single) (Flightless)
-Taut, gnarled and determined, ORB return with some punchy revisionist prog. It’s a much more refined and focused sound then their previous efforts, and more akin to their Flightless brethren, it strikes out like Emerson, Lake and Palmer were produced by Julian Casablancas. (Nick Rodwell)

The Real Mac Dimarco?: Head In The Clouds (Indie)
- The Real Mac Dimarco? are an up and coming hip hop band hailing from Adelaide Australia. Their debute EP Head In The Clouds showcases a unique mash of punk, hip hop and funk.
The Bands high energy, quick witted lyrics and interesting mash of genres make this EP a must listen to. (Bianca Reck)

Slow Dancer: In A Mood (Indie)
-Slow Dancer’s album has finally arrived and the Melbourne artist has brought soft-rock into a very warm, gentle and eloquent space. Stripping the schmaltz from your assumptions and offering an intimacy that is a tasteful balance of the sentimental and the realistic. (Nick Rodwell)


Ghostpoet: Dark Days & Canapes (Play it again Sam/PIAS)
-UK artist, Ghostpoet, isn't that far removed from what is appealing about King Krule. He is essentially a spoken word poet and uses gritty interpretations of indie-rock, post-punk and electronica to wax on about modern ills. It's dark and raw and really quite interesting. (Nick Rodwell)

Josin: Feral Thing (Single) (Dunmont Dunmount)
-Josin is an experimental pop artist from Germany. Her development of electronica is suggestive of Radiohead’s trist with IDM in Kid A. It’s moves you with subtle pulses and immersive arcs of melody and texture - It’s seductive. (Nick Rodwell)

Marlon Williams: Vampire Again (Single) (Caroline)
The way this swings is hypnotic. Marlon Williams ability to make vampiricism charming after it’s over-saturation is a testament to his ability to croon as an outsider to pop-culture. It’s really quite beguiling. (Nick Rodwell)


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