Best New Arrivals for October Pt. One


Dream City: Pancakes (Single) (Indie) (IAW)

- Something of a snapshot, this Brisbane duo’s ability to zoom you in on the simple details is both captivating and dissociative. Their minimal folktronica is really quite gentle and meditative. A pleasure, for sure. (Nick Rodwell)

Idylls: The Barn (Indie)

-What’s stacked up in The Barn is, when you fling open the doors, not unexpected. This isn’t a sarcastic, intellectual jab, the sound of Idylls now is a whole lot less ironic than I was expecting. Right down to the final, ten minute fusillade of destruction this is a frontal assault: brutal, honest and powerful. I hope Idylls fans can fight their way out of the deathgrip their own personal sense of irony -I know it's a big thing for them- and appreciate it. (Chris Cobcroft)

John: Mostly Sky (Indie)

- A local ambient troupe, John have woven together explorations of rhythm and space in Mostly Sky. It’s meshes the jams of BADBADNOTGOOD with the experimentalism of Boards Of Canada to create disembodied post-rock. Unassuming and beguiling.(Nick Rodwell)


Food Court: Good Luck (Dine Alone)

-Rough, raw and raucous, their DIY approach to their debut is earnest and endearing. Recorded live, the album itches to be experienced thusly; in all its sweaty ferocity. Staying true to the authentic fervent, chaotic, punk rock elements Food Court built their reputation on, the band have really captured the essence of being young, restless and ready to go 3 rounds in the ring with a grizzly bear. (Fiona Priddey)

Helena Pop: That's One Strange Love (Single) (Indie)

- Does it strike you strange that Canberra has the ability to be just as much a cultural Galapagos as Tassie can be? I mean, it’s land-locked and effectively one big roundabout but it’s really capable of producing curiosities. Helena Pop sound like Smith Street Band covering Coco Rosie. Their eclectically cute anthems hold a certain absurdist poignancy, which actually proves quite engaging. (Nick Rodwell)

No Sister: Romantic Notion (Single) (Indie)

-No Sister are gettin’ ready to release their sophomore record and if this leading single is anything to go by, it’s going to be heavy. Romantic Notion is a discordant rumble of overdriven pressures and resilient punctuation, it’s a newly focused strength which feels really fkn good. (Nick Rodwell)

YLVA: Metadata (Single) (Pelagic)

-This is some seismic sludge. If Melbourne act YVLA were to face their amps into the ground and play Metadata, there would be near-surfable waves on Brisbane’s Brown Snake. Their expansive metal carries a density of sound that is usually only procured by nature, atomic-volatility and the gods. (Nick Rodwell) 


Chelsea Wolfe: Hiss Spun (Redeye Worldwide)

-If you aren’t a committed fan, one that gobbled up the early leak, I can still commend Hiss Spun to you. A complex and abrasive record, it will confuse and hurt before it delivers its true worth. Finally however it can only speak to the increasing subversiveness of Wolfe’s work, which is very much part of what puts her at the top of contemporary gothic music. (Chris Cobcroft)


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