Best New Arrivals for October Pt. Two


Custard: The Common Touch (ABC / Universal)
- So while this new album may not provide the excitement and electricity of discovering the band in their ‘90s heyday, it does have the distinction of showing a veteran band actually enhancing their own catalogue and legacy with strong new music. It really is a case of growing old with dignity and I for one am thoroughly enjoying edging ever closer to my autumn years with these tunes in my headphones. (Matt Thrower)

Gnightz: You've Got Something (Single) (Indie)
- After the irreverent raps of Unfollow Me, GNIGHTZ switches it up here and weaves a captivating melody amongst the clatter and bleeps of what amounts to an arresting sense of desire and mystery. (Nick Rodwell)

Milton Man Gogh: Fork (In a world of soup) (Single) (Art as Catharsis)
- I was given the heads-up earlier this year by members of Brisbane’s BOJAC that I should keep an ear out for some far-out-sounds with a silly name. I’m certain this is it. A trio of sax, drums and bass, of talented twists and turns, this is for the curious and the eclectic. It’s jazz, but if you can get into The Mars Volta or Frank Zappa, the you should definitely give this a go. (Nick Rodwell)


Alex Lahey: I Love You Like A Brother (Nicky Boy / Caroline / Universal)
- Alex Lahey has got a good thing going: such a confident, solid identity at this stage of a career is really impressive. If pop-rock littered with realness, witty lyrics and funky guitar riffs is your thing, then you’re gonna be smashing the repeat button on this one. (Olivia Shoesmith)

Endgrain: Soul Float / Summer Falls (Single) (October)
- This double single from is a great introduction to Endgrain’s EP. The Sydney-sider’s productions range from spacious house to the tradtionally-charged jungle. Soul Float and Summer Falls being the firm handshake and respectful nod in meeting you and your electronic-self. (Nick Rodwell)

Flamingo Jones: Lazers in the Jungle (Indie)
- Flamingo Jones’ tryst with the tropical end of dance and electro-pop are playful blend of technicolor surrealism and effervescent joy. (Nick Rodwell)

Girlatones: Fitting In Well (Single) (Indie)
- The 60’s garage sensibilities matched with the social commentary is really reminiscent of The Kinks. This Melbourne band’s droll and nonchalant approach to modern posturing is both humorous and cutting. (Nick Rodwell)

Jack Grace: BE4UGO (Single) (Of Leisure)
- It’s undeniable that Jack Grace is a great songwriter and after the bric-a-brac songwriting of River, Grace is definitely refining his style. Here on BE4UGO you’ll find that same IDM-melancholy that is hard to approach through the bog of Radiohead’s presence within the spectrum. This, however, has moments of redemptive light which really put Grace above the rest. (Nick Rodwell)

Jazz Party: Drowning (Single) (Indie)
- A rollicking release of self and sorrow, Jazz Party’s capacity to seduce comes from the incongruity of dancing to the sounds of distress. This ensemble’s talent for compelling you with the power of gritty old-school, swinging hot-club jive is undebatable. (Nick Rodwell)


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