Best New Arrivals for September Pt. Three


Dumb Things: Walk It Off (Single) (Indie)
-Brisbane’s proclivity for Jangle Pop is irrepressible. Dumb Things are gearing up to release an album, lead single Walk It Off is a testament to the bands classicism with it’s amiable but dead-pan delivery. (Nick Rodwell)

I Heart Hiroshima: Born Too Late (Single) (Consume/Valve)
- Brisbane’s beloved I Heart Hiroshima return with nothing less than their esteemed fervour and honesty. It’s an exacting ode to the acceptance of time, a clear-eyed ride set to rigid guitars and dual vocals. (Nick Rodwell)

Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra: Birdnest Hair (Single) (Indie
- Matt Hsu is as eclectic as he is sporadic in creating and releasing music. Birdnest Hair is inspired by the works of the renowned Studio Ghibli, and as such, is a vibrant and fantastical piece of music filled with joyful wonder. (Nick Rodwell)


Blondebears: Sedative (Single) (Rare Finds)
-Sydney duo, Blondebears, have a released a deep electro-cut with an ominous atmosphere. Tracking across huge spaces with whirling textures and anchored rhythms, it’s a time-lapse of brewing creativity. (Nick Rodwell)

HTMLflowers: Chrome Halo (Single)(Wondercore Island)
- Stories that carry a profundity of this nature are seldom seen with this kind of immediacy. HTMLflowers’ Chrome Halo shines a light on his battle with Cystic Fibrosis through sparse and chiming electronics, sharing insights into individual experience and the greater social implications. Deeply affecting. (Nick Rodwell)

Sophie Hutchings: Byways (1631 recordings)
- A quietly released companion piece to this year's Yonder album, Byways is another seven delicate and flowing instrumental pieces from the Sydney pianist. (Adrian Marsh)


Lali Puna: Two Windows (Morr Music)
- Germany's Lali Puna return in trio form with an album of lush electropop bringing along the dancefloor beats while retaining Valerie Trebeljahr's whispered vocal stylings and gentle pop influences. Markus Archer's absence is filled by an impressive guest list including appearances by Dntel and MimiCof. A welcome return for Lali Puna. (Adrian Marsh)

Mourn: Over The Wall (Remote Control/Captured Tracks)
- Mourn’s unconventional approach to songwriting has always been impressive for it’s bold and angular attack. This EP of covers (featuring tracks from Husker Du, Echo and The Bunnymen et al) offers an informative context, encouraging a new ways to hear their incredible 2016 release Ha, Ha. He! (Nick Rodwell)

Rei: E KI (Single) (Indie)
-In conjunction with Māori language week and in the lead up his next EP, New Zealand MC, Rei, has released a bumpin’, dancehall inflected single. Te reo is one of New Zealand’s official languages and here Rei utilises a common phrase E Ki “You Don’t Say” to great effect as the whole song is 100% Te reo Māori. Reverently uplifting. (Nick Rodwell)


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