Noah Slee: Otherland

From Tonga to New Zealand through Brisbane and onto Berlin, Noah Slee’s reality is probably rich with a variety of experiences. After a string of singles that you can trace back over the past few years his debut album Otherland comes teeming reflection, desire and acceptance. 

This album is wonderfully imbued with the continents and cultures that have raised and guided Noah to this point. The album opens with traditional pacific song before encapsulating you with electric desire. It’s across opening tracks like Instore and Lips that Noah explores attraction and reveals himself to be quite capable and confident in RnB stylings, proving to just as alluring as say Miguel or Anderson Paak

As the album appears to be structured as a parallel to experience, the return of his roots with following tracks Sunrise and interlude Dawn, reveal a deeper reverence for connection and wisdom. As ensuing track Reality, featuring fellow Brisbane transient Jordan Rakei, unfolds Noah displays a complexity of soul as captivating as D’Angelo.

It’s here upon the balance of the electric and the organic that there are some truly tranquil songs that portray both a catharsis and acceptance of his journey in knowing hisself. The back end of the album is positively exultant. 

Noah Slee’s Otherworld is a traveller’s guide to the modern world of soul. Heartfelt and deeply moving with no sacrifice to melody or groove, his roots or the artist he is now. 



Album Details

Album Title: Otherland
Artist: Noah Slee
Record Label: Wondercore Island