Passive Smoke: Inhale

Bad habits might make great material.

Passive Smoke are an exciting new band from Canberra who have recently put out their first release Inhale through Cinnamon Records. Inhale is an emotive experience made up of layered guitars and bitter sweet vocal melodies reminiscent of Neo Boys, Marine Girls and other post punk women bands but with a distinctly Australian feel.

The first track 'Hold Me' is woeful and jangly with a prominent postpunky bass line, entwined with murky chords and haunting vocals. Both sad and funky it sets up the sound for the rest of the EP.

'Self Care' sounds like it has Stevie Nicks undertones! Which is so weird to hear in a contemporary band, I instantly fell in love with it. It's a powerful grungy number with intense vocals and the final track 'Split in Two' follows up on this feel, with the second track 'MLOCR' and fourth track 'Animals' being more cheerful(ish). These two remind me of the more upbeat songs off Sleater Kinney's first album Dig Me Out. Like SK, there is more than one person singing, sometimes in chorus, sometimes in a call and response style, which makes for a refreshing sound.

Each song is all encompassing. They pull you in, like a gentle salty wave, washing over you so that you feel everything, everywhere. Voices in your heart, guitars in your bones and the drums in your belly. It's been a longtime since I've listened to a contemporary band that has this effect on me. 5 Starz.

- Alex Campbell

Album Details

Album Title: Inhale
Artist: Passive Smoke
Record Label: Cinnamon Records