Various Artists: Russkie Wig-Out! Demented Surf / Electro / Exotica From Behind The Iron Curtain

I wasn't sure at first whether this was a genuine trip down memory lane, or some highly Chups-esque leap into Soviet alterno-history where, as they say, vampire lesbians assault moon-bases defended by Cossack death robots. It turns out it is in fact a collection of old stuff from Messer Chups, Messer Fur Frau Muller (the band which spawned Chups) and others. Thus it is as always chockers with exotica, lounge, surf and every other groovy, cheesy and retro-futuristic sound that hands could be laid on. Oh and the cover-art featuring the aforementioned vampire lesbians and giant death robots plus also psychic Rasputin chasing hordes of terrified, decadent westerners is at least as much fun as anything else.

Album Details

Album Title: Russkie Wig-Out!
Artist: Various Artists
Record Label: Omni